Horoscope of the week, here’s what the stars predict in the week from 11 to 17 July 2022, sign by sign.

Want to know what’s going to happen to you this week? Here’s what the stars have in store for you from 11 to 17 July . Find out how things will go in love, work and health .

Want to know what to expect from this week that has just begun? According to the stars, some signs will see their projects materialize while others will have to face unexpected events. Find out what will happen to your sign from 11 to 17 July 2022.

Weekly horoscope sign by sign, from 11 to 17 July


Love and privacy: This week Aries will be totally dedicated to the person they love and will be able to show them how they can make someone feel good if they want to.

Work and finances: The Aries has made too many work commitments. She must try to delegate and optimize everything in some way and admit that she cannot do it alone. If she doesn’t, she’ll just have to scratch.

Health : Better to go on a serious diet. You need to purify your body, stop eating everything that excites your imagination if you want to start feeling really good.


Love and private life: The time has come for this sign to make an epochal decision: better crazy love or security? Up to now you have evaluated, now you absolutely have to choose or you will lose both.

Work and finances: this week will be complicated, you will have to complain with some colleagues. Don’t lose your temper or you may regret what happens.

Health : Sugar is the cause of all your ills, you are overdoing it with sweets and ice cream, not to mention cocktails and appetizers. The scale advises you to put a brake on.


Love and privacy: if your interest in that person is not reciprocated, go ahead, don’t fossilize. There is little point in investing your energy in something that only you want.

Jobs and finances: This week bodes well for you. You have several professional appointments on your agenda, among them there is a meeting that will give a decisive turn to your career. 

Health : This week you will feel in excellent shape, physical and mental, continue to take care of the well-being of your body, you are doing an excellent job.


Love and privacy: this week you will have doubts and question many things, you need to come to a point regarding your relationship, so you will have to make risky decisions.

Work and finances: This week you will regret confiding in some colleagues you trusted. They will use your confidences against you and you will be very disappointed.

Health : The heat will test you, you will feel your energies at the limit this week. Hydrate and stay out of the sun if you can.


Love and privacy: You will feel more than ever the need to disconnect and have fun this week and you will want to do it together with your family.

Work and finances: Some of your projects are not going as you hoped, you are in a stalemate. It is a short-lived phase.

Health: You feel very out of shape, especially you have gained weight. Try to go on a diet or you will feel weighted down during the holidays.


Love and privacy: This week you’d better show gratitude for your partner who always cares about you. You are very lucky.

Work and finances: at the moment everything is going well, you are asserting yourself at work, do not give up.

Health: This week not only will you feel physically good, your mind and spirit will also be fit.


Love and privacy: the moment is favorable for the single Libra who is dating a very shy person. Take knowledge to a higher level, it deserves more.

Work and finances: if you have to bargain, plan everything for the weekend. Starting Thursday the planets are in your favor.

Health: Find ways to end insecurity and worry. You are too stressed.


Love and privacy: Remove the blindfolds, what you are looking for is in front of you, why can’t you see it? Appearances take you away from important things.

Jobs and finances: This week is conducive to good ideas. be creative and you will earn the trust and esteem of your managers.

Health : This week try to promote calm or your body will suffer.


Love and privacy: This week you are stormy and have no patience. On the horizon there are conflicts for trivial reasons, you could avoid them by setting yourself limits.

Work and finances: Focus on what you have learned again. The stars say that what you have learned is something that is useful to you now, more than you can imagine. Put your new skills into practice.

Health: this week you are in excellent psychophysical shape.


Love and privacy: There is a person in the family that is too intrusive and you will feel tired of them. Surprisingly, if you try to talk to her she will understand perfectly and everything will be better.

Work and finances: This week you are feeling tired and you will feel sluggish and lethargic. Next week will be much better.

Health : Despite the physical exhaustion you will be in a great mood all week.


Love and privacy: This week you will have some promising encounters. be vigilant, you will meet a person of great value who will change your life for the better.

Jobs and finances: professionally everything will be fine this week.

Health : Do not go out of your mind, you will feel that you are not in control of yourself but everything will work out by itself, you just have to be patient.


Love and privacy: This week make it clear: who does your heart beat for? Focus on your feelings, don’t think about what others are feeling.

Work and finances: for new projects you should rely on those who have always been loyal to you. Don’t leave everything to strangers, it’s tempting but it will bring you problems.

Health : This week you begin to feel the weight of your unhappiness. You always take care of others and do nothing for yourself. If you don’t change this, you will end up losing the joy of life. Think about who you want but put yourself and your needs first.


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