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Weekend Horoscope September 9 – 10, 2023. Money Luck For Three Zodiac Signs

The weekend comes in an extremely favorable astrological conjuncture, after Venus has completed its retrograde, and Mercury is on the last hundred meters.

Jupiter is currently retrograde in Taurus, meeting on September 8 in a trine with the Sun (in Virgo). This planetary settlement brings a breath of fresh air for all signs and quite a lot of luck.

Astrologers have announced the horoscope for this weekend. Three signs are favored by the stars and are lucky with money. Libra, Leo, and Pisces seem to have favorable financial opportunities this weekend, either from collaborations or from creative and entertainment activities.

Weekend horoscope September 9 – 10, 2023

Let’s see the predictions for each zodiac sign separately!


This weekend, Aries will feel an increase in energy and self-confidence. It’s a good time to focus on personal goals and enjoy outdoor adventures. As far as luck with money is concerned, Aries has a good chance of obtaining additional earnings following creative activities or inspired investments. Be on the lookout for any opportunity!


The weekend comes with a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to spend time with family or to focus on home care activities. It is possible to receive an unexpected visit or to reconnect with a person from your past.


This weekend horoscope announces that you have a desire to socialize. It is the ideal time to go out with friends or to participate in social events. However, avoid excessive spending, as you are not doing very well in this department at the moment. Be more attentive to budget management.


Cancers will feel the need to focus on personal development this weekend. So, give yourself time to reflect on your long-term goals and establish an action plan. You have a good chance of receiving valuable help or advice from a wise person.


Leos will have a weekend full of energy and creativity. It is the right moment to focus on personal projects and to express your creativity. If you have a hidden talent, this is your sign to show it to the whole world. You get opportunities to earn from artistic or entertainment activities. In terms of love, you are the luckiest sign, because you will have two days full of romance.


Have you had problems in your relationships lately or did you not manage to communicate very well with those close to you? This weekend brings opportunities to improve this, but you need to be open to reconciliation and resolving any conflicts. You are favored to express your needs, as long as you also listen to those around you. It will be about a lot of socializing, but also about peace of mind.


Libras feel full of energy and tend to get involved in social activities this weekend. It is the ideal time to make new friends or to get involved in charitable actions. You are extremely advantageous in the financial sector. Money luck comes from collaborations or partnerships, so it’s good to be open to business proposals.


You may feel the need to retreat quietly this weekend to regain your inner balance. Reflect on your personal goals or do a budget analysis to make long-term savings or investment plans. There will be a lot of planning because for you this autumn brings many changes for the better.


This weekend brings opportunities for travel and exploration. Be open to adventures and discover new places. Accept any proposal or invitation, because it will bode well for your future, even if it may not seem so now. If you are in a love relationship, you may need to communicate a pressing problem with your partner. If you are alone, you could start a new adventure.


Capricorns focus on personal relationships this weekend. Pay attention to your life partner or close friends. It is possible to be put in the situation of working in a team to achieve a common goal and you do your part brilliantly. You may reconnect with someone important in your family.


Put yourself first this weekend. Do sports, relax, and think about how you can improve the quality of your life. There may be an opportunity in your life to make a major change, perhaps in terms of diet, routine, or even your work schedule. Try to make the most favorable decision, thinking in the long term.


Pisces feels creative and inspired this weekend. It is the right time to express your artistic talents and even earn money from them. Money luck comes from unexpected sources, so be aware of the opportunities that may appear during these two days.

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