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Wedding horoscope: what dates to plan the ceremony in the summer of 2022

Astrologer Irina Bulgakova told when lovers should plan a wedding so that their marriage is strong and durable.

A wedding is perhaps one of the most reverent and exciting days in everyone’s life. Regardless of when a person intends to go to the registry office. Thinking about this day, deep down everyone dreams – a new union will be for life. Astropsychologist Irina Bulgakova , in an exclusive interview with 5-tv.ru, told what dates in the summer of 2022 are best to plan a wedding so that the marriage is strong and durable.

So, in the first summer month – June – until the 23rd of the day, the planet of love and beauty Venus will move through Taurus.

“Marriages made during this transit will give families wealth, love, pleasure and maximum well-being ,” explains the specialist.

However, the most favorable day will still be June 4, because on the eve of Mercury will cease to be retrograde, and on June 5 Saturn will become so. In addition to June 4, the following will be successful for marriage: June 6, 7, the first half of June 8, 9, 10, 19 and 20.

The astropsychologist notes: marriages concluded during the transit of the movement of Venus in the constellation of Cancer will be filled with the attention of the spouses, love and care for each other.

“Marriage will be filled with warmth, and the family will have plenty of love and understanding. The best date in July is the 21st, but it is also acceptable: July 20, 22, 26 and 27, ” adds Bulgakova.

In August, favorable days are many times less than in previous months.

“This is 3, the afternoon of August 4 and 7, 8 ,” the astropsychologist concluded.

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