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Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being among the most banal signs of the zodiac: at least we believe! Do you want to discover the ranking?

It happens to everyone, at least once in a while, to have ideas … definitely trivial .
Maybe it’s just a bad day, in which you think of doing something… that everyone has done or is already doing!
If we are almost all trivial when we decide what is the best time to go home after the weekend at the beach (” we leave at six, there will be no one on the road !” like us), perhaps it is better to check this horoscope ranking too . It’s okay to be trivial once a week but every day maybe it’s better not!

The most banal signs of the zodiac: here is today’s ranking of the horoscope

There are people who can not really do anything about it: they are simply trivial !

Our ranking of the most banal signs of the zodiac is here to help us dispel any doubts: are you also in today’s ranking?
Better to know immediately if, in the eyes of stars and planets, you are as banal as everyone else. On the contrary; better know right away if the people you hang out with are in today’s horoscope ranking!
That’s why you’re always bored: are your friends by any chance among the most mundane of the zodiac ?

Virgo: fifth place

That those born under the sign of Virgo are in today’s ranking is, unfortunately, definitely taken for granted.
Is there anything more mundane than extreme perfection?

Virgo is a person from whom you can always expect something trivial. Not because she is an extremely boring person but because she is very predictable!

Libra: fourth place

Libra is able to do the same thing over and over, for years and years, without ever getting bored.
Too bad the same cannot be said of the people who frequent it!

Those born under the sign of Libra are in the ranking of the most banal signs of the zodiac because they are generally unwilling to risk everything.
They adapt to others or to common tastes and, therefore, end up being really…  basic . Dear Libra , do not blame us: if the horoscope says so we cannot rebel!

Aries: third place

There is a reason why Aries are in the ranking of the most banal zodiac signs of the horoscope : they are people definitely inclined to… make everything banal!

Dear Aries , do not be offended. You are a person who cannot help but worry about (and therefore talk about) extremely trivial things. You are always ready to discuss the lives of others , the latest gossip or anything else that revolves around other people. Dear Aries , is it possible that you don’t have other topics of conversation?

Sagittarius: second place

Sagittarius is a particularly mundane sign: hey, sorry to tell you, dear Sagittarius , but that ‘s it! Sagittarians
are people who don’t seem to have great personal tastes or big things to talk about: they are content, simply, to exist!

That’s why you Sagittarius are also among the most mundane people in the whole horoscope: you are simply too bored with yourself and others to become interesting (or force yourself to look like it)!
Who knows if this horoscope ranking will be able to move you Sagittarius from your tower of… boredom!

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most banal signs of the zodiac

Yes, dear Taurus , you are at the top of this ranking.
Let’s face it: you might have suspected it since you just try to copy others, believing that it is the standard to want what everyone wants!

Taurus are not trivial because they are silly or because they have no interests. Taurus are trivial because they sincerely believe it is their duty … to behave as if life were truly a social network feed !
In their attempt to be as interesting people as possible, those born under the sign of Taurus end up being truly mundane. Sorry for you!

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