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Are you one of those zodiac signs who always cheat on friends? Let’s find out who is in this unflattering horoscope ranking!

Hey, nothing is embarrassing about saying a friend, a long time ago, turned out to be… well, an enemy.
It happens to everyone, at least once in their life, to have to deal with the realization that a friend of ours (or presumed one) has betrayed us.

Maybe he went around telling our confidences, which we considered much more than private, or maybe he decided to make our life impossible and for this reason, he remains extremely close to us.
The fault, of course, is not yours: it would be better, however, to immediately understand which are the zodiac signs that tend to make fun of their friends. So you’ll be ready in case it happens to you again!

The zodiac signs that betray friends: that’s who they are according to today’s horoscope ranking

You didn’t think it would ever happen to you and yet, we’re sorry if it happened to you, you too had to experience a painful betrayal, to say the least.
That of a friend!
Whether it’s a teenage drama or, much worse, a betrayal that comes after years and years of knowledge, it doesn’t matter: the pain is always the same and always excruciating!

We asked the stars and planets to tell us which zodiac signs are most likely to betray friends.
Hey, the horoscope certainly can’t lie since it’s impartial!
So, are you ready to find out if there are any of your acquaintances (or maybe your friends) on the list of zodiac signs that cheat on friends?

Strength and courage: that’s who is in the top five positions of today’s horoscope ranking!

Scorpio: fifth place

There is practically no doubt that those born under the sign of Scorpio are people who are particularly oriented towards success and the achievement of their goals.
We all know a Scorpio who thinks (or seems to think) only and exclusively about himself, don’t we?

Well, Scorpios can get very… cold towards their friends. Let’s face it: you can expect a cold-blooded betrayal of Scorpios, justified because Scorpios live by the law of the fittest. How scary!

Virgo: fourth place

Dear Virgo, we are sorry to have to give you this news but you are also in today’s ranking of the zodiac signs that betray friends.
Despite everything, sometimes you happen to make mistakes that, unfortunately, leave a mark and are also very hot on your relationships.

One thing that those born under the sign of Virgo struggle to understand is that they are often ” cold ” towards others, practically betraying their trust without almost realizing it.
This, of course, is not an excuse: dear Virgos, it is better to be more attentive to the needs of your friends!

Gemini: third place

Well, dear Gemini, how about this first step of the podium in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always betray friends?
We are sorry to have to give you this bad news but you are quite a serial traitor of trust and, above all, of friendship.

Think about it: How many longtime friends can you count on your fingers? Ah, unfortunately hardly anyone: and why, in your opinion?
We are sorry to say that the Gemini, often and willingly, end up being estranged from the others who can no longer handle their continuous double-crosses!

Aries: second place

Yes, dear Aries, stars, and planets have placed you in the second position of the zodiac signs that betray friends.
Do you think this is an unfair positioning? Well, then maybe you should look back at your friendship history for a moment.

Aries have a long history of people with whom they no longer speak, for one reason or another.
If, however, you try to dig deeper into these motivations you will realize that there is always a minimum common denominator (just like at school): the betrayal of friendship by the Aries!

As careful as they are only and exclusively to themselves, Aries are people who often and willingly betray their friends.
They don’t even realize they do it sometimes: they just put their interests first and if they can impress a person by making fun of you… well, they will!

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that betray friends

Incredible but true, it is precisely those born under the sign of Sagittarius who earn first place in our ranking today. Sagittarians have absolutely no problems in betraying
the trust of their friends  quite the opposite!

Sagittarius doesn’t care about relationships with other people: they are very capable of being alone and are not afraid of independence.
Of course, Sagittarius also has those two, three indispensable relationships in life but not even they are immune from Sagittariu’s “betrayals”!

Sagittarius will never think of putting others first: for them, there is only their way of doing, their desires, and their priorities.
So be prepared if you have a Sagittarius nearby: a betrayal of your trust is almost a must!

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