Are you one of the zodiac signs that always create problems for everyone even and especially when there is no need? Let’s find out now!

How many times have you ever snorted bored when your friend decided to take the person who always creates problems with her?
Ah, has this never happened to you? Hey, aren’t you the one who always creates problems?
Today we discover a rather particular horoscope ranking : who knows if you are also in the top five!

The zodiac signs that always create problems: here is the horoscope ranking

Let’s face it: we all know someone who always creates problems.

Generally they are all those people who like to repeat : “ I don’t appreciate dramas and I try to keep myself away from controversy as much as possible “.
Unbelievable but true, anyone who repeats this phrase (or a variant thereof) is almost always the type of person who finds himself at the center of a myriad of problems.
The reason? Simple: it creates them, from nothing, in order to make every situation “ crackling ”.

Let’s find out who we are talking about: here is the ranking of the zodiac signs that always (absolutely always) create problems !

Gemini: fifth place

Dear Gemini , you probably expected to be in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always create problems .
What you didn’t expect, however, is the fact that you are  only in fifth place. Not bad, right?

You Gemini love to create problems but, fortunately for you, you are also people who then completely avoid them.
For every problem you create, therefore, you also completely disappear from another issue or situation. What can I say: you are truly balanced!

Aries: fourth place

Aries , we know well, love dramas and problems.
There would be nothing wrong with that were it not that Aries do nothing but create drama and trouble wherever they go!

Aries are people who, when there isn’t enough gossip around, tend to cause trouble for the sheer sake of having something to talk about.
They invent absurd reasons to take it out on friends, they become irascible for a trifle. Better be careful with them!

Cancer: third place

Yes, dear Cancer , you are also in the ranking of the zodiac signs that always create problems !
We know that you don’t believe you are doing it and yet it is quite clear that this is the case.

Cancers are people who tend to express what they want in a fairly direct way and who, therefore, often let their preferences make the lives of others impossible.
Have you ever tried to force a Cancer to do something they don’t want? You will hear about it for hours and hours: Cancers always create problems for everything.

Leo: second place

Dear Leos , you knew very well that you would end up at the top of this ranking. Do not agree with us by starting to make problems about this thing right away! Leos
are people who always tend to make problems for one reason and one reason only: they want to be the center of attention !

For you Leo it is easy to create problems out of nothing, so as to be the protagonists of the drama that unfolds under the eyes of all.
Nothing better than a beautiful problem invented from scratch , which arises from your pride or your arrogance, to re-establish who the most important person is!

Taurus: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that always create problems

Dear Taurus , the time has come to face the truth and drop this mask that you always try to wear.
Like what mask: that of  easy people , who don’t make problems and who never would!

You Taurus are people who are absolutely capable of creating problems. You do it for everything and at all times!
The truth is that you Taurus are extremely critical and judgmental people also and above all on the lives of others. But not only that: even you yourselves do not escape your criticism! What happens, then, is that when someone (or yourself) does not behave as  you  think it is best, here you start to make problems.
Pout , sabotage friendships, criticize at full blast: you Taurus are a veritable volcano of issues!

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