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Let’s find out all the characteristics of the zodiac sign of the month: Virgo.

Virgo card
: From 23 August to 22 September
Dominant planet: Mercury
Color of the sign: Gray
Stone brings good luck: Sapphire
Lucky day: Wednesday
Flower indicated: Lily
All about the sign of Virgo

The sign in general

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac. The natives of this sign are precise and meticulous people who always think they are right and who cannot bear to be contradicted. They often have a pessimistic outlook on life and tend to be suspicious of others thinking that everyone is ready to always give the worst of themselves. More sensitive than they want to show, they care about others so much that they freak out when someone dares to criticize them. Ironically, they are themselves highly critical and always ready to point out any defects, sometimes even lacking insensitivity.
Extremely intelligent, they have a strong ability to grasp things on the fly, easily arriving at solutions that for others seem impossible.
Serious like few other people, they try to be precise in everything they do and expect the same thing from those around them, both in the personal sphere and in the professional field.
They rarely act on instinct, always putting reason first and planning every single action, certain that this is the best way to proceed in life.
Perfectionists like a few others, do not stop until they decide to have reached the desired result and this is true in all fields of their existence.

Study and work
The natives of Virgo are precise and meticulous people and this leads them to obtain some success both in the study and in work. Their problem is the difficulty in getting along with others since they rarely compromise and when they think they are right they don’t usually question themselves. For this reason, they prefer to work alone, which they do best, allowing them to advance to take on leadership roles.
It all depends on the commitment and desire that they show they have because thanks to their intelligence, the keen acumen, and the precision that characterizes them if they want it they can get anywhere they want. Of course, as long as you don’t pretend to learn to collaborate with others because this is really beyond their way of being.

Relationships are a sensitive topic for those born under the sign of Virgo and this is because they often struggle to express their feelings, creating confusion and leading to conflicts that could simply be avoided with a little more clarity. Fortunately, those who know them well and know how to take them can boast a special relationship in which the natives of the sign know how to give presence, affection, and solidity such as to make them special.
Things change a bit in love, where the births of the sign are independent and more than ever aimed at making a possible relationship go well. Active and proactive, when they fall in love they do everything to show the best of themselves, taking care of the loved one and giving him what they can to see her happy. Their character does not change, and it takes very little to oppose them. This is why both friends and potential partners will often find themselves having to act cautiously to avoid hurting them and starting a war that would prove to be endless.

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