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Update: 3 Zodiac Signs That Will Fall in Love a Thousand Times Before Finding Their Soul Mate

Some zodiac signs have only one love in a lifetime. But others will fall in love a thousand times before finding the right match.

Here are the zodiac signs that will fall in love a thousand times before finding their soul mate:


People born under the sign of Pisces are souls who get attached to people very easily. Their heels light up as soon as someone gives them a nice compliment or looks them in the eye and smiles. They look for love at every turn, so they find it everywhere they look.

Sensitive natures, Pisces natives will fall in love several times before finding the person who is, in fact, destined for them. This means that they will have to endure many disappointments, moments full of pain and sadness, and uncertainty. After each breakup, they will have to heal, find the strength to get up from the ground, and start over.

The beautiful part about them is that they are dreamers and incurable romantics, so they will never give up on love – they try again and again until, in the end, they meet their soul mate.


People born under the Leo sign want a love like in the movies – adventurous, exciting, full of incredibly beautiful moments… and they will find it many times throughout their lives. They like to play, they like to have fun, and they like everything that involves the beginning of a relationship. They want to feel important, wanted, wanted, and throughout their lives, they will enjoy many moments when things will be new and interesting.

They know what they want from their partner, so Leos will immediately move away from the wrong person after the fire of passion goes out, but they will be with the right person even after the honeymoon phase is gone.

It will take some time until they find a person who will hold them in the socket and make them willing to invest everything they have in the relationship.


People born under the Gemini sign must explore all their options. They do not know from the first what type of person they want to have close to them, who suits them best as a life partner, which is why they will not rush into love at all. They have to try, make mistakes, be disappointed, learn important lessons, and, most importantly, discover what they are really looking for. They need to meet the wrong people to figure out what qualities they admire (and what qualities they can’t stand) in a person. They need the experience to guide them throughout their lives.

Even if it will take them some time to find someone with whom they get along wonderfully, this does not mean that fleeting loves are a waste of time. On the contrary, they help them take steps in the right direction. Past loves teach them important lessons about where they should direct their energy in the future.

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