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Do you feel that you have bad luck in love but you don’t know what to change in? The stars have the advice for you.

How many times has it happened to you to feel frustrated in front of the umpteenth story that ended badly? Yet you always work hard, believing it every time and giving your all. What’s wrong then? If you still haven’t found the right one and you’re afraid you don’t know where to start to do it, keep reading because today we will deal with the influence that the stars have on the way of living love stories and on some mistakes that are often made too. without realizing it but that they can make a difference by choosing the least suitable people. You feel ready to find lasting love, this is the advice the stars have for you.

Discover the biggest mistake that keeps you from finding the right person

Aries – You make movies about the person you like
The mistake you make most often is to get your own idea of ​​the person you like. Physical attraction tends to take over and to support it you tend to imagine a personality that is often very different from the one behind the person. Thus, once the relationship has begun, you find yourself inexorably in front of someone who, more often than not, does not correspond to your ideals. This leads you to feel disappointed and sometimes even deceived. The truth, however, is that most of the time it is you who strive to want to see something that is not there. From now on, therefore, the advice of the stars is to try to know better who you are in front of before deciding whether or not to start a love story.

Taurus – You tend not to notice the other person’s behaviors
When you have a love story, you are so caught up in what you feel and everything you expect from the relationship that you end up losing sight of the other person. In this way it often happens that you do not understand their needs or those words that could launch well-targeted clues but that you tend to get lost on time. This, in the long run, can tire your partner, leading him to distance himself or put you in front of a fait accompli. Both situations are difficult for you to manage. To prevent this from happening, try to listen to what you are told immediately and to observe more, in order to grasp even the most hidden messages.

Gemini – Choosing the wrong person a priori
As much as you like the surprise effect, you know yourself all too well and to the point of knowing immediately who can be more or less compatible with your way of being. For fear of falling into monotony, however, you always tend to choose people who are completely different from you and all in the hope of being able to have a dynamic and constantly evolving relationship. The truth is, most of the time, what you get is a bad story. From today, therefore, try to follow the most obvious way and choose someone you feel compatible. Nowhere is it written that this leads to a flat story. Indeed, your he may surprise you by leading you to wonder why you waited so long before making the right choice.

Cancer – Choosing a partner to change
Your problem is that you often have too much confidence in your seductive abilities and think you can choose a person who is imperfect in your eyes and then shape them to your liking. The facts, however, always show you the opposite and no matter how attracted or involved a person may feel to you, it will hardly change their character. And since you’re not the type to accept flaws, the end is often the only way out. Keep this in mind before starting a new story and for once try to be more selective from the start. So you won’t have anything to edit and you can just focus on your story.

Leo – Always opting for the most difficult ones
In life you like to win and this is also true in love. So, despite having several suitors ready to start a love story with you, your choice always goes to the one who doesn’t look at you or who, of all, is less interested. This means that the story already starts at a disadvantage because it is moved only by attraction. If what you are looking for is a love story, start choosing someone who you notice and appreciate the way you are inside. Often someone who needs to be convinced is simply a person who has no feelings towards you and it is practically impossible to act on them.

Virgo – Ignoring Problems
By character you abhor imperfections, so when you think you can’t work on them, you prefer to ignore them. In a two-person relationship, however, this attitude is counterproductive and risks causing even the smallest problems to become magnified. Under the weight of problems that have suddenly become enormous, it is therefore impossible to move forward, at least for those who, unlike you, want a relationship that works in all respects. If you want to stop finding yourself alone, then, try to immediately grasp the things that are wrong, talk about them and deal with them, in this way you will immediately understand if it is not necessary to continue or if instead there is room to make the story even better than when it started.

Libra – Always Seeing His Best Side
Your need for harmony leads you to always seek the best in people. This is very nice but in the long run it can create serious problems in a love story. Time, in fact, ends up revealing every deception, especially that of someone who pretended to be different from what he was and who actually hides far more defects than I was ready to accept. From today, therefore, make an effort to grasp everything about the other person and not just their qualities. So you will be able to understand if it is appropriate to start a relationship or if it is better to limit yourself to a friendship relationship waiting for the right one to appear.

Scorpio – Always and only seek pathos
For you love is not beautiful if it is not a quarrel and for this reason you are always looking for someone who can keep you on the razor’s edge. If at first it can be intriguing, however, with time and confidence even your desire for serenity will win, leading you to feel more and more frustrated and far from your ideal of love story. So next time, just look for someone who can make your heart beat faster, avoid complicated situations unless they really are and it’s not worth it, and maybe you will be able to experience a purer and more sincere form of love. .

Sagittarius – Always following your exact opposite
It’s okay to be different to complement each other, but you always tend to choose people who are completely different from you and often with ways of doing that even get on your nerves. While this may seem funny at first, things change over time, taking you to where you are now. The solution is therefore not to follow only instinct and heart but also to put a pinch of reason into it. Only in this way will you be able to choose the most suitable person for you, finally feeling more serene.

Capricorn – Insisting on principle more than love
When someone you like you tend to put the turbo, trying to make ends meet at any cost and this even when it is clear that between you there is not that feeling necessary to make you last more than a few month. To ensure that your stories do not always turn out to be holes in the water, you have to set conditions and remember that not everything that you start must necessarily be completed. Relationships are very different from a job and as such they must be lived first of all with the heart. By doing this, you will surely find the right person for you, as long as you really think so and don’t convince yourself just so as not to admit that you were wrong again. You will see that with a little honesty to yourself, things will quickly get easier.

Aquarius – Letting yourself be influenced by feelings
Your problem is that you tend to get attached too quickly and, for this reason, even when faced with very big problems, you find it very difficult to detach yourself. Which obviously becomes more critical if on the other side you have a person like you or who does not intend to give up. To be happy and find the right person you must therefore learn to use reason even at the cost of pushing away those who are not good for you or, more simply, are not suitable for you. After all, you have to keep yourself free for your perfect half, right?

Pisces – Always Hoping for Change
Your Biggest Mistake? It is to believe that if today is not good, tomorrow will be different. The truth is, people hardly change and waiting for that to happen is simply a waste of time. If you realize that things are wrong, try to actively resolve them and, in case that is not possible, close the story. Better to be alone and with the possibility of meeting the right person than to close yourself in a relationship destined to suffocate. You would be hurting yourself and your partner and it’s just not worth it.

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