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Find out which costume is perfect for you. A tip from the stars based on your zodiac sign.

The time to go to the beach or the pool is approaching and you don’t know which swimsuit to wear? It is a problem that recurs on time every year and that after various dilemmas reveals themselves to be without solution, prompting us to almost always opt for the classic old costume. But what to do if you want to change a bit? Today, we will try to rely on the stars. After seeing what love will be like in the month of July, we will find out together which costume best suits the various zodiac signs.

Choose the right costume for you thanks to the advice of the stars

Aries – The bikini in a bright color
Getting noticed is certainly one of your main goals, especially when you decide to go to the beach. A bikini is therefore the choice that suits you the most. And it is more so by choosing it in a nice bright color. Red is what you should prefer to everyone else. But yellow and orange are also good. Bright colors and able to represent you widely, giving you energy and the desire to show off at the same time.

Taurus – A 50’s costume
Your being as traditional as few gives you an almost vintage aura that you can best express when it comes to look. An aspect that you will have fun repurposing even at the sea, by opting for a nice 50s costume. Perfect to make you feel special and at the same time comfortable. And able to get you noticed without any excess. A choice that will arouse much envy and for which you will be admired at the same time. As for the colors, pastel shades will prove to be the perfect ones to marry your way of being.

Twins – The two-piece with bandeau bra
One costume you are sure to love is the two-piece with a bandeau bra. A simple and comfortable model, able to allow you to move as you prefer. Wearing it will help you always feel on top and will lead you to enjoy moments of relaxation that you will love above all else. Solar colors are promoted but also patterns such as stripes or polka dots. Something that highlights your desire for carefree and your always sunny being.

Cancer – The one-piece swimsuit
A one-piece swimsuit is often the best way to wear something comfortable and at the same time simple but effective. By choosing the right model you can in fact show off the shapes of your body. And all in an almost accidental way. A nice pink or a romantic pattern will give the final effect and allow you to wear your costume without any problems whatsoever. And all while also arousing the right admiration from those who meet you by chance. Even better if you combine all accessories of the same shades chosen for the costume.

Leone – The one-piece swimsuit but open on the hips
A swimsuit that will enchant you at first glance? One whole but open on the hips. Wearing it will make you feel special and will undoubtedly draw the attention of others to you. An aspect that you have always cared about in a particular way and that for this reason, you will be ready to highlight by opting for flashy plays of colors. A contrast between black and white could be the perfect one to make you feel on top. If you want, however, you may also find interesting geometric designs to wear in bright colors.

Virgo – The patterned swimsuit
The perfect choice for you? A beautiful patterned one-piece swimsuit to combine with an identical sarong and able to give you light. A way like any other to feel comfortable and at ease and all without giving up the pleasure of wearing something that tastes of summer. The yellow and orange colors will be the ones that will suit you the most. While brown will go well as a base for floral-type patterns or stylized designs to show off according to your tastes.

Libra – The two-piece in cotton
A two-piece in cotton, perhaps with a pattern reminiscent of crochet, could be your favorite option. One able to give simplicity to what you wear but without going unnoticed. The pastel colors will undoubtedly be the ones to choose from and to combine with bags and any flip-flops. A way of dressing that you will like and that will make you feel beautiful even by the sea.

Scorpio – The bikini in different colors
A bright green top to combine with a black bottom could be the bikini for you. What matters is that the top highlights the breasts, while giving you a simple yet sophisticated air. Your femininity will undoubtedly benefit you and will give you the opportunity to look your best and also feel at ease. The perfect swimsuit for days at the beach to be spent relaxing both while you are in the water and when you sunbathe. As for other colors, you can bet your choice between red, purple, and bright green. Without, of course, forgetting the black.

Sagittarius – The bikini with a tank top
When you go to the beach, the thing you like most is to enjoy the beach and all the beauty that the context can offer you. Your costume must therefore be practical first and foremost. A tank top will be a perfect choice. The one that can make you move freely and entertain you without any thought in your head. Plus, it will look so good on you that it won’t go unnoticed. Which you will love even more. White, yellow and orange are the colors you should consider.

Capricorn – The Olympic costume
A one-piece and Olympic-style costume? It is what suits you best and that will give you a feeling of well-being and a great desire to have fun. Whether it’s in one color or with some nice patterns, it will be the perfect costume for you. What matters is that it has colors that are quite sober and able to relax you when you look at them. The one that can help you relax and feel comfortable both out of the water and while swimming. A choice that you will love to repeat throughout the summer.

Aquarius – The trikini
Since you like to amaze, why not dare with a nice trikini? In this way, you will be fashionable and able to get noticed by everyone. And at the same time, you will feel beautiful and at ease. All for a costume that you will love so much that you want to take several photos. Great both if you want to sunbathe or for long swims, it will make your holidays even more enjoyable. For the colors, you can focus on your favorites or on a mix of the brightest and most lively ones there are.

Pisces – The bikini with laces
A bikini with a triangle top and bottoms that close with laces is the one to choose. Just the kind of costume that suits you the most. In fact, it helps to make you feel like a little girl without overshadowing your femininity. Wearing it will make you feel beautiful and at the same time comfortable and will give you a good mood. Especially when you realize how comfortable it can be on any occasion. For the colors, green and fuchsia are certainly the ones that will suit you the most. Even if black is always a color that can make you look good.

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