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Find out which haircut to choose to feel on top this spring. A tip from the stars for you.

In spring it happens to everyone, the desire to give us a cut becomes strong and pushes us to desire a different and more jaunty look. But what to do if there are many proposals and indecision reigns supreme? After having seen what to choose as an item of clothing, today we will find out which cut to show off based on your zodiac sign. Ready?

The spring cut to choose according to your zodiac sign

Aries – The short and asymmetrical cut
If you want to change your look and feel fresher, an asymmetrical cut could be for you. Even better if you choose to wear it wavy and enrich some locks with bright highlights. This way you will always feel at the top.

Taurus – A long, warm layered cut
For you, the medium-long cut is always a great choice. To change a bit, you could venture with a very accentuated scaling and with a warm color. In this way, you can feel more beautiful by styling your hair from time to time according to the mood of the moment.

Gemini – The cut on the shoulders
A lively bob or a cut on the shoulders that is frayed at the right point is what suits you best. In addition to feeling fresher, you will in fact enjoy a renewed look that you will have fun always changing through different hairstyles.

Cancer – The fake disheveled cut
With the summer the desire to play a little with your image becomes stronger and stronger. And this allows you to opt for cuts that are a little less schematic than what you are used to. An unkempt cut might be what you need right now.

Leo – The short cut and with the long tuft
Cutting your hair with the arrival of summer is definitely something that excites you. What matters is to keep that touch of femininity that you like so much. Regardless of how much you choose to get trimmed, therefore, always try to keep a nice long tuft. It will be that extra touch that you will love to show off.

Virgo – The medium-length bob
Do you want to change but without exaggerating? Go for a medium-length bob. Perfect to wear both with the line in the center and with the side one. It will always make you feel tidy and satisfied with your mirror image. Just what you need at the moment.

Libra – The medium smooth cut with lateral tuft
If you want to change your look you can opt for a medium-cut to always wear smooth and with a nice side tuft. In this way you will always be in order, looking feminine and making your eyes stand out.

Scorpio – The long and frayed cut
In your case, it is better never to overdo it with scissors because the risk is to regret it. Rather, aim for scaling to be frayed well to highlight your face and emphasize your eyes. A status or highlights will complete the whole thing.

Sagittarius – The short and cheeky cut
If you want to give it a cut it’s better to do it right. Opting for a short and cheeky cut is therefore the best choice. You will like noticing the differences and you will be able to experiment with always different hairstyles that you will love to show off from time to time.

Capricorn – The scaled cut on the shoulders
Do you want to be daring but not too much? Go for a layered cut at shoulder height. Of those that appear shorter in front and longer in back. This way you will feel different without risking not to like yourself. A nice bright color will be enough to revive everything.

Aquarius – The straight cut to wear with center fringe
If you want to feel fresh and comfortable, a straight cut to wear with a center fringe is ideal. You can wear it both smooth and wavy, feeling feminine without too much effort. To liven up everything you can opt for a tone-on-tone color.

Pisces – The long, layered cut with bangs
A romantic cut is always the right choice for you, even in spring. Opting for a scaled version and with bangs will help you to create always different hairstyles. And all without ever getting tired. After all, you certainly don’t lack imagination.

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