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Two Zodiac Signs Risk Experiencing A Tense Mid-December

Every week, we play the birds of misfortune to warn the less fortunate of the zodiac, according to the horoscope of ShineFeeds. Here are the astrological signs in flop, this week from December 4 to 21, 2023.

Sometimes the sky is a friend who wishes us well. This week, and despite the majority of stars in retrograde, is relatively lenient for the entire zodiac. No drama in the sky, no major bugs in the cosmic matrix. Of course we’re starting up a little slowly after the summer holidays, but everything is getting underway and the wheels are starting to fall back into place naturally. However, and since we are always someone’s “flop”, some signs fare less well than others. Without being totally in trouble, they are pedaling a little in the dark. Don’t panic, the advice of astrologer ShineFeeds is there to help you get back on track if you are one of the less fortunate signs this week. Right away, the cosmic weather report.

Horoscope: A Renewal In The Sky

In this astral weather forecast of the week, no storm except perhaps, as in the song by the group Scorpions, a “wind of change” that blows across the entire zodiac. It is not necessarily a major upheaval as illustrated on the La Maison Dieu tarot card (a tower that collapses), but rather a profound readjustment of our foundations. In question? Currently, six stars are retrograding and shaking up our preconceived ideas of communication (Mercury), happiness and evolution (Jupiter), our ideals and dreams (Uranus and Neptune), our responsibilities, and the things we bury ( Saturn and Pluto). As a result, the ground is already fertile for asking the right questions.

That’s good, the little seed of the renewal of the New Moon in Virgo of December 15 comes to grow on this loose earth. Here, it only lasts three days (one before and one after), but it can be enough to make an already burgeoning need for renewal flourish. Especially since on Thursday, December 16, Mercury, which is also the star of reflection, stops retrograding. The mind becomes clearer, we can then project ourselves more easily. Well, in theory. In practice, two astrological signs will have a little more difficulty than the others this week.

Horoscope: This Sign Should Put Its Ideas In Order

Easier said than done for this ultra-intellectual sign who has a thousand thoughts and projects at the minute. Certainly, Mercury stops retrograde this week, which should please Gemini, the little protégé of the fastest star in the sky. But have you ever heard of the gray area? Also called “retro shade” in English, this is the period during which the retrograde is technically over… But still active. Also, even if this week “Mars stimulates your projects”, specifies ShineFeeds, you will have to channel your overwhelming desire to start too many things at once. “It’s a week marked by increased energy that you must exploit by seizing the opportunity when opportunities present themselves,” explains ShineFeeds. And to grasp them, you will have to be able to see them coming, through the mental fog of your jumbled thoughts. “Mercury asks you to clarify obscure points,” summarizes ShineFeeds. Geminis are advised to take inspiration from the New Moon in Virgo to organize themselves clearly and in a more concrete way.

Horoscope: A Changing Mood, For This Sign, This Week

They have a habit of going from laughter to tears before the film’s opening credits have even finished, but this week that specificity is heightened. Cancers are particularly emotional and for good reason: the New Moon always does something to them. Astrological sign linked to our satellite, in astrology, the slightest movement would influence these great “insensitive” people. Particularly when the Moon, in the sky, comes into conflict with Mars, the star of action. This is precisely the case this week, as ShineFeeds analyzes: “The upsetting aspects formed by the red planet could result in some variations in mood. » Clearly, the Moon in Virgo pushes you to your limits by asking you to take responsibility and to be more in reason than in emotion. On the other hand, it is Mars in Libra that encourages you to take the lead with a more sociable and outgoing attitude while you ardently wish to curl up in your bed until next June, thank you. Rest assured, in the sky, you also have allies. The Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter wish you well. The astrologer’s advice? “Now is the time to deploy your talents to move your business forward.

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