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Top 6 zodiac signs followed by bad luck

Discover the list of the most unlucky zodiac signs and see if you can find yourself.

The stars give you tips to attract luck to your side!

1. Gemini

You take the top spot in this list because you seem to attract bad luck like a magnet. Your completely crazy and dreamy nature makes you lose extraordinary opportunities that life offers you, passing very often right in front of your eyes. You make decisions in a hurry and you realize that you’ve already made a mistake when it’s much too late and you can’t change anything.

2. Aries

You are such an agitated nature, that you hardly even realize when you have failures or successes. You rush in all situations, even if you are not pressured by anything, which can bring you in front of big day misses. You are certainly followed by bad luck at every step, but you do it with your own hand!

3. Libra

Because of your indecisiveness and extremely changeable nature, you will attract bad luck to your side without being able to do anything. You annoy those around you, miss out on great opportunities, and lose loved ones because of your indifference. You can consider yourself an unlucky person, but you are not aware that it is only your fault!

4. Taurus

You are an unlucky person because you don’t give up until it turns out like you and most of the time you are wrong. You are not able to learn from those around you and you insist on your ideas until it is confirmed that you are making the worst decisions.

Pride does not let you give justice to others, even though you know the truth in yourself.

5. Pisces

You can’t make decisions quickly, which can cause you to miss out on great opportunities. You create problems for yourself and bring bad luck to your side due to the fact that you are not able to plan anything in advance and leave everything to the last hundred meters. You have too much confidence in yourself, but when you see yourself in front of the accomplished fact you fail!

6. Capricorn

You are an extremely difficult person and no one gets along with you. If you have set your mind on something, no one will be able to change your mind.

Because of this, you risk losing loved ones, but also extraordinary chances of professional or financial development. You are aware of your flaws, but it is much easier for you to blame fate!

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