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Top 6 Most Dangerous Zodiac Signs. Can You Guess Who Is In First Place?

According to astrology, we all have negative personality traits. But, some signs are downright dangerous!
Based on personality traits and statistical data, there are 6 signs considered to be the most dangerous.

Top 6 most dangerous signs:


Capricorn is a dangerous person because he can commit a lot of crimes or immoral things in any field, whether it is work or cheating someone in his private life. His downside is carelessness, so he can be easily caught.


Leo is psychotic with a choleric temperament. Being a fire sign and ruled by the planet Mercury, Leo can step on corpses to gain fame.


Scorpio tends to be jealous, aggressive, and sadistic, so he can be extremely dangerous when things don’t go his way. His sadistic nature makes him manipulate others and even if he doesn’t act on his own, he is the initiator.


Sagittarius has an extremely tough side and is very cunning. He does not call upon this side of himself unless his life is in danger. He’s an excellent thief and can outsmart anyone.


The Aquarius personality is manipulative and vindictive. He’s an ace when it comes to revenge and knows how to use his charisma to manipulate others to get what he wants.


He’s an ace when it comes to money crimes. Although a sign of balance, the love of wealth is too great to restrain him from remaining moral.

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