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Top 6 Jealousy Indicators

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If you understand their way of being, you can make these painful experiences surface as rarely as possible.

Some are extremely relaxed in love and seem to be alien to suspicions or flinches of jealousy, while others get upset and feel hurt by every little thing. If you understand their way of being, you can make these painful experiences surface as rarely as possible. Here are the most jealous zodiac signs!

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6 most jealous signs


She is the most possessive and jealous of the 12 signs. Her suffering erupts like a real tsunami, without you even knowing what caused it. It keeps an eye on you when you send messages, analyzes the tone of your voice when you talk on the phone, and can kill with its eyes the colleague who complimented you at the company party. She can’t stand competition on a sentimental level, she wants to be the only recipient of your attention. Be careful not to hurt her, because she never forgets!

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The impulsive Aries is also very proud and jumps like a hedgehog as soon as he notices a suspicious approach between his partner and someone else. It can put on a real show, just because you smiled a certain way or talked too much with someone. It’s true that he likes dramas, so he often overreacts just to draw attention to himself. But you don’t have to take him seriously, he passes quickly if you assure him that he is the only master of your heart. It may even be that it’s not bad to make him jealous from time to time, to keep his interest.

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Virgo can be extremely jealous, even if they don’t show it outwardly. Everything goes smoothly until he gets the slightest suspicion, then he will meticulously examine your every gesture, without you suspecting anything. He keeps his reason and does not react without a good reason. For Virgo, her public image is very important, which she would never accept if you put her in danger. She keeps up appearances and tries to find solutions, but as a general rule, don’t lie to her and don’t try to trick her, because she’s not naive at all.

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He has a very developed sense of ownership and is as territorial as possible. If it’s about his partner, he doesn’t even worry that someone would even dare to approach him without going unpunished. With a Leo lover, don’t make the mistake of glorifying another, and don’t pay too much attention to anyone, because Leo wants to be the center of your Universe and quickly feels betrayed and neglected. Especially when you are in public, you must only have eyes for him and constantly confirm to him that for you he will always be no. 1.

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Apart from Pisces, the other water signs suffer from almost pathological jealousy. If the Scorpion is able to make a fuss when he has an inkling, the Cancer consumes himself in silence, without talking too much about his suffering, for fear of upsetting you and putting him aside. He will try to spy on you and use his fine psychology to find out the truth. Cancer loves very intensely and deifies its partner, whom it cannot conceive of losing or sharing with someone else. The fear of abandonment is very important in the case of this sign.

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This air sign has moments of insecurity, but he does not admit that he is driven by jealousy, which he considers a weakness and a sign of naivety. In any case, Libra is extremely subtle, tends to hide its suspicions and rarely tells you directly how it feels, preferring diplomacy and silence. He will process the information calmly and will not open a subject as sensitive as fidelity unless it is absolutely necessary. Do not neglect her and constantly reassure her of your feelings!

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