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Top 3 Signs With Heavy Karma in Love

Which zodiac signs have the hardest time finding love?

Nothing in life is random, not even the sign you are born under. It is said that we are born under a certain sign to learn in this life lessons that we ignored in another existence or to pay off karmic debts that we incurred in a previous life. Certain signs have debts to pay due to pride, debauchery, greed, or acts of violence. Others have very heavy karma in their family life because they once hurt each other. Finally, there are also signs prone to complicated karma in love because they have something to learn from it or because in other lives they have broken many hearts due to malicious intentions.

Here, then, are the signs that must pay for their sins in other lives through suffering in love.

Cancer – the sign that one loves too much

Cancer natives find peace and fulfillment only when they manage to start a family. Paradoxically, these are the people who have the most difficult karma in terms of family as well. They often feel misunderstood, excluded, or abandoned and carry this sadness almost all their lives. Their fear of abandonment manifests itself even in couple relationships. I love passionately, and intensely and live to enjoy love. The great gift and at the same time, the great curse of Cancers is that they are very intuitive. Therefore, they feel when they are lied to by their partners, they suffer terribly if they are deceived, but often, instead of breaking away from such relationships, they become jealous and possessive.

Sagittarius – the sign that falls in love, but does not love

Sagittarius natives are explorers, curious, thirsty for knowledge, and inclined towards mysticism. In their souls hides an eternal child, regardless of the age in the bulletin. They live for novelty and adrenaline, two of the things that make them feel alive. This need for new and constant exploration also manifests itself in love. They fall in love quickly and intensely, most of the time with the wrong people who hold them like embers. They are no strangers to love, but when it comes to love, they get stuck and don’t allow themselves to get too close. Admittedly, the idea of ​​routine as a couple scares them, and classic relationships are not necessarily for them. They love flirting, they love the art of seduction, and they love the hunt, but they don’t know how to take things to the next level. Thus,

Capricorn – the sign that loves, but does not recognize

Capricorn natives are among the most difficult people in the zodiac. They are stubborn and very proud, have a very sharp logic, and most of the time act rationally, without listening to their hearts. In fact, inside Capricorns are very sensitive and very easily hurt people. Therefore, as they get older, they build higher and thicker walls of defense that nothing can penetrate. They go so far as to view love as a weakness beneath their dignity. Of course, between their thick walls they cannot be hurt, but neither can they be loved. Therefore, until they learn that love is sometimes paid for with suffering, they will not have what they want.

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