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Today’s Horoscope, Only Fights For 3 Signs Of The Zodiac: Be Careful Not To Make Them Angry!

Today’s horoscope, what happens in this seemingly confused sky? Here comes chaos, what an uncomfortable situation!

A complex period that of late April, the month seemed to have started calmly and peacefully, instead behind so much peace, a situation of stress and nervousness has consolidated. The truth is that the knots are slowly coming home to roost, and that tranquility achieved was only a mirage. Here are the signs of who will experience the worst of the situation in today’s horoscope. There is no doubt, the fault of the transit, but also of their… making mistakes!

Mercury is retrograde, we know by now that it will be like this until May 15th. But what does it imply? When positive transits like sextile Mars become negative, they are a disaster! The two planets are 60° apart, illusory dividing the sky into 6 parts by as many gradations. What happens if the star of Thought travels in reverse (actually it’s only slower) and that of War collides with it? Quite a hit! In short, there are no roses and flowers that can wait.

There is an explosion of words and gestures that lead the signs to argue with each other. Relationships get complicated, and nothing seems to go right. Keeping everything under control is difficult, if not… impossible!

Today’s horoscope, classification, and advice of the signs in… very bad!

If the previous period seemed crazy, what is happening now is outside the box. Indeed, in March, a more communicative and warm dialogue was found, and according to today’s horoscope, this benevolence seems to have lost any positive aspect. Thanks to the transit, but also to the somewhat “feminine” character of these friends, who want everything but to say they are not right! Presumptuousness leads them to clash for totally useless reasons. Here they need some advice, and why not… even calm!

Today’s horoscope, for Sagittarius nothing goes as desired, everything is forgotten!

Sign with an optimistic character, but which doesn’t take anything to catch fire. Typical of someone who is very touchy and would never like to be criticized. This attitude is very immature and not good at all when dealing with courageous heads and character. So we need to ease the mood. Advice: if you are ill, it is good to express the reason for these sensations, to confess it without fear and concern to loved ones.

Aries, his horns collide against anyone!

No one seems to understand him lately, so what does he do? He attacks without limits! He says too many words that even he has never really thought about, but his anger is so irrepressible that it takes a boatload of chamomile tea to keep it at bay. Saying to count to 10 this time is not enough. Advice: surround yourself with positive people, and above all say yes to what you like, once and for all. Just always do what others say, sometimes you’re just tired and disappointed.

Cancer, woe to anyone who says half a word to him, revenge is around the corner!

Known to be a sign that he has boundless generosity, it’s a pity that if the sore tooth comes out, however, it makes it ache well for the others who get in the way! All the fault of a grudge that doesn’t set him free and that he’s been carrying around since time immemorial. What can he do to stop obsessively thinking about revenge? Advice: get rid of negativity without weighing down the soul of loved ones, because sooner or later they get tired of this nervousness, sometimes useless.

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