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Three Zodiac Signs That Will Find Happiness on Valentine’s Day

Astrologers announce good news in February for three zodiac signs, who will live beautiful love stories.

Three zodiac signs will find happiness around February 14, 2023, on Valentine’s Day! The stars smile at them and encourage them to love!

The astrological context is very important for certain events that happen in our lives. If you are single and want to meet someone special, it would be good to go out into the world in February.

Starting from February 10, meetings with friends and entertainment, as well as romantic meetings, are favored. Everyone will feel the need for company and communication more. This happens because Mercury intersects with Pluto in Capricorn territory. This will make us deeper and with a strong desire for expression. If you meet someone new, you will be very attracted to and interested in his intellect.

And Mercury in Aquarius, from February 11, 2023, comes with a very libertine influence, bringing a great desire for partying and adventure. It will be much easier to communicate what you want and need. This means that, if the foundations of a new relationship are laid, it will have a foundation based on openness and discussions about your feelings and emotions.

The emotional peak, from an astrological point of view, does not come on Valentine’s Day itself, but immediately after, on February 15, 2023. However, we feel the effects throughout the month. It is about the conjunction between Venus and Neptune in Pisces. This astrological placement is favorable for newly formed couples and for those who have an open heart to fall in love. Romantic moments are favored!

Let’s see, therefore, which are the three zodiac signs especially favored by this context, according to the horoscope.


Valentine’s Day comes with very good news for you, if you are single. Love will appear where you don’t expect it. You might have the beginning of a relationship with sparks, something passionate and extraordinarily surprising. What you have to do is to be as relaxed as possible and open to new possibilities. Sometimes, things happen when you give up control and let yourself be carried away by the wave.


February will be the month of love for Scorpios as well. If you were born under this sign, February 14 and 15 will be very special. It is possible to be more sensitive than usual and more emotional, and this will allow you to be vulnerable in front of love. If you usually display a hard and mysterious mask, this time it is possible to melt a man’s heart with the charm and gentleness that you will show during this period.


The last of the three signs that will find happiness around Valentine’s Day is Pisces. If you want to go out on dates, you can do it throughout the month, you have an advantage. The best dates to start a romantic relationship are February 15 (Venus and Neptune in Pisces) and February 20 (New Moon in Pisces). Keep your heart open, communicate honestly, and follow your instincts. If you want love, it will come to you.

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