Your relationships never last very long and you feel like you’re pretty alone with it? You may just not have found the person with the right long-term zodiac sign that is compatible with you. Because the stars have already proven in the horoscopes that they are good indicators of the prospects for a partnership.

There is actually a zodiac sign that stands out and leads to many long and happy relationships. The properties of this zodiac sign are so good when combined that these people are particularly compatible and relatable. People who were born between August 24 and September 23 and therefore have the Virgo zodiac sign are particularly suitable for bonding.

But why is that? If you look at the characteristics of the virgin-born, you will notice that they are open, calm and compassionate. This means that they can address grievances and problems openly, try analytically and solution-oriented to get the best out of everything for both partners. At the same time, with a healthy level of compassion, they tend to be able to teach cold partners a little more understanding of others, but can also protect empathetic and self-sacrificing partners from giving up on themselves. Another important factor in their relationships is that virgins do not engage in relationships lightly, because if they bind, then long-term and carefully considered.

Whoever has a virgin-born as a partner can be sure of true and honest love and have a protector and best friend at his side.

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