According to the stars, this weekend will be maddening for some of the zodiacs. Find out if you are among them and in this case be prepared to receive unpleasant surprises.

We have reached the second weekend of November. The new Moon in Scorpio will cause nervousness in many astrological signs, in particular, 4 signs will touch mental exhaustion. We wish you not to be among them.

Each of us goes through particularly stressful periods due to particular events. Other times you feel uneasiness inside even when there is no apparent reason for being so agitated. When it is said to have a bad moon! Indeed, the fate of many zodiac signs depends on how the moon is positioned.

Moon in Scorpio, here are the signs of the horoscope at risk of exhaustion

Let’s find out who the nasty surprises he stars will be destined for this second weekend of November.

The new moon in Scorpio will cause a general feeling of needing a spiritual retreat. A way to understand how to continue shortly, where to invest our energies and what to change.

This weekend of 13 and 14 November 2021 will cause a psychological breakdown for some signs of the zodiac. Let’s find out which of them are blacklisted:

  • Leo

If Leo is your zodiac sign, get ready to face the weekend armed with patience. Forget projects of all kinds, this is not the time. Dedicate yourself to cleaning and tidying up your home and workplace, it will help you classify ideas and get mental clarity. You will struggle to stay calm in many situations. Problems will arise in the family because of your agitation. Don’t put any more meat on the fire. Don’t replicate and be patient. From Monday everything will change.

  • Virgo

This weekend you will have doubts about some people. You will question some things and this will make you feel agitated. In reality, you will realize that you are not wrong and you will have confirmation that your intuition was right. This will cause you to get enormous anger. Remember to count to ten and breathe, all the time until Monday.

  • Sagittarius

Sagittarius will have the sensation of living suspended in midair. His thoughts and head will fluctuate and he will evaluate all his problems. The stars advise you to put a period. You have a lot of commitments and a lot of backlogs but this is the time to stop for a moment or you will collapse on a psychological level. If you don’t want to panic focus on solutions, not problems.

  • Pisces

Finally, Pisces will also have a hard time coping with this weekend. You will feel busy even if you don’t have something specific to do. Your mind is busy. You would do well to have a chat with someone important to you, one of those people who deeply understand you and who usually cheer you up. Pisces is a sensitive sign and in this period it is extremely sensitive.


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