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Today we reveal which is the zodiac sign judged the least intelligent by a study conducted by British researchers.

This time the final judgment is not that of the astrologers but science has intervened to define the least intelligent sign of all, which was based on a study conducted by some British researchers that will amaze you. Let’s find out if you too belong to the zodiac sign of the least intelligent people.

There are different forms of intelligence and being intelligent doesn’t just mean being particularly good at calculating or elaborating complicated theories. Intelligence is not exclusively linked to the intellectual abilities of individuals but there are various characteristics that come into play in this field.

According to astrologers, each zodiac sign has distinctive characteristics that include strengths and weaknesses that distinguish them from each other. To this are added other factors that influence the personality such as the influence of the dominant planet, of the element to which the sign belongs, or of its ascendant. Let’s not forget that the life experience of the subject himself is also included to complete the picture. Taking into account these characteristics, astrologers have compiled the ranking of the three signs with the least sense that we will reveal to you shortly.

Some British researchers have looked at something more bizarre to define an individual’s intelligence. Sticking to this factor they revealed which would be the least intelligent zodiac sign. All of this has been documented in a study we are about to tell you about.

Surprisingly, he is the least intelligent zodiac sign

Could we ever define our constellation as the only one responsible for our behaviors and our attitudes? Surely not. Have you ever noticed that in some periods you are more lucid and snappy than others? The different stages of life that we live affect the way we deal with everyday situations and manage our emotions. According to the judgment of astrologers, some zodiac signs tend to have behaviors that lack common sense and discernment on a consistent basis, due to their nature, while other zodiac signs are more inflexible and precise. The signs that according to astrologers lack common sense are Gemini, Cancer, and Pisces.

Gemini is a sign that never stops talking and this great talkativeness is often a source of problems because this sign never understands when it’s time to shut up. Geminis express themselves without thinking and often hurt the feelings of their listeners.

The native of Cancer is a very emotional sign like all signs that belong to the water element. This emotionality makes it a difficult sign to decipher. Being guided above all by their intuition, they act indiscriminately and unpredictably, sometimes even with immature attitudes.


Pisces are great dreamers. They are usually positive people but struggle to maintain constant contact with reality.   They often get lost in their mental journeys. They feel so comfortable in their fantasy world that they often refuse to face reality while remaining bound in their imagination. This escapism makes them a sign with little common sense.

We have just revealed to you what astrologers think about the concept of intelligence linked to the different zodiac signs,  now let’s review what has been deduced from science.

The least intelligent sign according to science is Capricorn

To define the least intelligent zodiac sign of the Zodiac, some British researchers conducted a study in which they examined the zodiac signs of various public figures who have received multiple Nobel prizes.   Surprisingly, among these characters, one astrological sign stood out for having won the fewest prizes of all. This sign is Capricorn.

For those interested in astrology, this response is surprising in this context because we know Capricorn as a very determined sign who works hard and has strong ambition. It is a sign that is undoubtedly very serious. Yet according to this study, he is the least intelligent of all.   This sign has received the least Nobel Prizes of all. The Nobel prize is awarded to people deemed to be beneficial to humanity, so dear natives of Capricorn, even if you have brought less benefit to humanity it does not mean that you have inferior intellectual abilities.

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