He is the most stressed sign of all, he is constantly stressed and for everything, he does not live well and does not know how to counteract stress.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an invisible raincoat that makes us immune to stress? This is what a particular sign probably desires, more than anything else, as it is the self that is most stressed out of all and most unable to cope with stress.

Some people have the gift of tranquility. You see them remain impassive in front of everything and in all circumstances, and then there are the always positive and smiling signs like him, the joy of living accompanies him from birth, it is the happiest sign of the zodiac. Conversely, there are also people who are perpetually agitated and anxious. Their stomach fur is highly sensitive and stress is a second skin. Did you understand who we are talking about?

He is the most anxious sign of the zodiac

The native of the VIRGO is the sign particularly prone to anxiety attacks . We know that Virgo is a demanding sign, she needs to always control everything, she plans everything, she is always on time and lives in order. He is obsessed with control and her perpetual pursuit of perfection is his main source of her stress.

Being manic makes him feel pressured, and his attitude is the same in both private and professional life . Added to this is the fact that this sign is reserved and does not tell his moods, it keeps everything inside. He accumulates worries, thoughts, anxiety until they become a trap .

This anxiety sometimes results in physical pain in the abdominal area. As the stomach is the second brain, this organ does not seem to function properly. The physical pain combined with his mental decompensation prevent him from leading his life peacefully.

Virgo is an Earth sign and as such tends to be very sensitive about their health, very meticulous in terms of hygiene and even hypochondriac. Just the thought of contracting a disease makes them unstable.

Following Virgo, one of the most stressed signs is Gemini . This sign is ruled by Mercury, a planet that affects its nervous system. A sign of Aria, her anxieties translate into riots and electric shocks. What agitates a Gemini more than anything else is the imposition or anything that harms her freedom.


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