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Astrologers predict a really stormy weekend for a native of the Zodiac, you have to have a lot of patience.

This weekend is not going to be easy at all for a zodiac sign who may even have the worst weekend of their entire life. A catastrophic weekend to say the least and the cause lies in the eclipse season causes an atmospheric tension that will be particularly heavy for the sign we are about to tell you about.

The sign in question will pass a stormy weekend but for him, the serene will return as early as Monday since from October 30th Mars will be retrograde and will illuminate the lost souls so that they can be led back into the tunnel that will favor sentimental encounters.

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This zodiac sign is going to have a bad weekend

It will most likely not be the best weekend of his life but he will just have to be patient because soon everything will be over. A series of negative events will haunt him but they will be transitory and this is great news. What sign does he need to prepare for this catastrophic weekend?


Mercury the planet that rules Virgo leaves the scales to move into Scorpio on October 29th. This movement will increase Virgo’s state of anxiety and make him particularly short-tempered at work as well as make it difficult for him to communicate. Virgo will have to endure this pseudo-exhaustion feeling that will haunt him throughout the weekend. During this weekend it is better not to enter into partnerships and not to sign any type of contract as well as postpone the most important decisions. With retrograde Jupiter in the sign of Pisces, everything will be better and you will experience a beautiful period from a sentimental point of view.

But Virgo won’t be the only native of the Zodiac having problems this weekendLeo and Sagittarius will also experience some difficulties.

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Leo will have a particularly difficult time financially this weekend.  In addition to being broke at the end of the month,   he will be presented with the opportunity to enter into a partnership from a business point of view and he will not be able to understand whether or not it is a good idea. As usual, Leo has exaggerated with unnecessary expenses especially to appear more beautiful, regarding the other issue the stars recommend postponing the final decision on the partnership until next week when the ideas will be clearer.

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Sagittarius will face a very difficult weekend because he will find himself involved in some heated discussions that will develop at work. Sagittarius will suffer from general malaise and will feel particularly nervous throughout the weekend. The stars advise thinking of some de-stressing activity to return to smiling before the start of the new week. During these heated discussions it is better to stay out and if necessary be frank and sincere in saying your opinion.

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