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The stars reveal to us which is the zodiac sign that never stops complaining is a real torment for the ears of those around him.

This zodiac sign is incredibly negative. He constantly complains and gets annoyed often, it’s a very complicated sign and he never seems to be happy. T his sign already complains about him, if something happens that destabilizes him then it is even worse. This characteristic could be linked to its astrological affiliation. Find out who the most complaining sign is throughout the zodiac.

This sign never stops complaining. It doesn’t take much to make him talkative when it comes to complaints. A change of plans, a late bus, anything could cause him to lose patience. If things don’t go exactly as he would like, he goes wild and manages to totally upset the most sensitive people with his constant complaints and even brave the hopeless optimists.

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 The sign that complains the most is undoubtedly Cancer

Cancer is a water sign and this element gives it a tendency to amplify its emotions. A water sign always reacts more intensely than other signs. Cancer cannot hide what they feel, they openly manifest their disappointments, regrets and anxieties. Cancer always needs to be reassured and this happens to them since childhood, the fear of being rejected makes them particularly unstable.

Cancer takes very little to sulk and often you do not even understand why he puts it, moreover it is a moody sign his mood changes quickly, so it is really a very complicated sign to decipher. He is favored by the fact that he is a highly reliable person, very dedicated to his family and very close to his loved ones. Although Cancer tends to raise their voices and complain, basically they do so thinking they are doing it for a good purpose.

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In fact, Cancer is always available both to provide help and to provide advice. We must have patience with the native of Cancer who behind these constant complaints hides the suffering he feels in having to always manage all his emotions.

In opposition to Cancer we find the least grumpy sign of the whole zodiac. It is a sign that constantly seeks balance in his life, a calm, serene and pacifying sign . This sign knows how to use language wisely to settle differences and find solutions to problems. While Cancer complains, Libra seeks solutions to problems and does so after listening to everyone’s points of view. Libra is a very polite and very discreet sign, has great self-control and knows how to stay calm. Cancer would have a lot to learn from him.

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