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The stars reveal us which are the zodiac signs that start the year badly. January is particularly fraught with complications for them.

2022 has just begun and for some signs, it doesn’t seem to have started in the best way. The stars advise these 3 signs to be patient, soon everything will settle down, it can’t rain forever!

The whole month of January 2022 seems to be particularly insidious for some signs. Between worries and emotional fluctuations, these signs will often feel distressed. Hold on, January has just begun but at the end of the month, all your troubles will be over too.

These 3 signs are going to have a turbulent January

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According to the astral configurations of January, the signs that we are about to list will have a hard time with Venus transiting into Capricorn. Not only will they have all sorts of problems but they will also feel their mood particularly low. Highly irritable they will not be able to find peace this month.

Astrologers advise these signs to be patient and not make rash decisions.

Here are the zodiac signs whose lives will turn upside down this January:


The creative and sensitive Pisces will feel on the brink this month. More sensitive and sensitive than usual, he will take every situation to heart. He will be extremely angry about insignificant things and will have to overreact in every area of ​​his life. He will feel he can no longer communicate. Especially with his loved ones and with his partner he will have heated discussions. If, on the other hand, Pisces is single, during this month the stars advise him to refrain from appointments and to strive to make it to the end of the month as serenely as possible.

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Aquarius is one of the most complicated signs of the horoscope. Rebellious and idealistic, at the beginning of the year he will feel the need for some changes more than usual. Aquarius wanted to write a new chapter in their life this month, different, innovative. He felt particularly inspired but his life still looks so the same as it did in the past few months. Disappointment makes him particularly nervous and frustrated. His future is more and more uncertain, and his soul is more and more impatient. January is not the ideal month for changes in Aquarian life. The natives of this sign would do better to put their souls at peace. There won’t be the change you wanted but you won’t have to grieve for that. The Aquarius is not very sticky in pairs but in this period it needs attention and not to feel neglected,

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Scorpio is usually an impulsive and determined sign but at this beginning of the year, he feels particularly unmotivated and disappointed. The reasons for this disappointment are different but financial difficulties due to unexpected expenses are the main reason. Scorpio will feel emotionally insecure. The stars advise you to try to develop new fundamental habits to allow you to relativize yourself better. Wait until the end of the month trying to be as less vulnerable and susceptible as possible.

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