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This is not to imply that if you are a particular Myers-Briggs type, then you are automatically this zodiac sign (though the two can overlap). This is just highlighting some of the fun similarities between the signs and the types!

ENFP: Sagittarius

As an ENFP, you’re known to love exploring new ideas, take on new experiences, and have an underlying sense of optimistic enthusiasm. You are often ready to chase the next new thing because you are aware of all the options that exist in the world. You also have an active well of emotion and empathy for others because you do have an ability to see what things are like from their perspective. You share quite a few exciting traits with Sagittarius—they’re always ready to pursue the next adventure and are open to all the possibilities the world has to offer! They are also known for viewing things more positively and seeing the best in situations. Both of you aren’t afraid to see what else is out there, and you have a strong need for independence and autonomy. You bring a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity to the people around you, and they admire that.

ENTP/INTP: Aquarius

You have never been one to enjoy doing things conventionally, and you have a strong desire to learn as much as you can. For an ENTP, this may have to do more with the outside world of ideas, while an INTP may be more inclined to take in more information to process internally. However, both of you have quite a bit in common with the Aquarius! Aquarius’ like to march to the beat of a different drum and have a reputation for preferring to remain detached from people, even those they care about deeply. This is usually out of fear that they won’t be fully understood. Sound familiar? ENTPs may relate more to the Aquarius’ desire to understand the world around them and find new innovative ways to make it better. The INTP may relate more to the Aquarius’ need to spend much of their time alone and detached from others. All of you bring new perspectives and ways of thinking to the people around you, and they are thankful that you cause them to think outside the box a little.

ESFJ: Libra

When it comes to being the best host, it’s hard for anyone to compare to you. You enjoy going out of your way to care genuinely for your loved ones, even if at times it might be because you want some validation out of it. You share quite a few traits with your friend Libra. Libras are very socially considerate and know how to make people feel comfortable in any space. They prefer to avoid conflict, but will fiercely protect the people they love, and they have a keen eye for aesthetics. Both of you make your loved ones feel cared for and appreciated in ways they don’t usually experience, and they admire that about you.


You have such a large capacity for empathy that it almost hurts. You’re creative and introspective, yet you tend to invest yourself a great deal into those that become close to you. It may not surprise you much then how much in common you have with a Pisces. They’re known to be the ultimate shoulder to lean on, plus they’re deeply compassionate and intensely creative. They like things to be relaxed and free-flowing, and though they’re very self-aware, they prefer to try to help their friends and family work through their problems before even trying to tackle their own. INFPs may relate more to the Pisces vast amount of empathy and desire to understand everything about a person. The ISFP may tap more into the amount intense creativity, but either way, you both feel a connection. All of you make your loved ones feel seen and appreciated, and they can’t thank you enough for that.

ISFJ: Cancer

You have such a big heart, and you don’t hesitate to invest deeply in your relationships with people. Some might think you to be a bit standoff-ish initially, but once they get to know you, they discover how caring and compassionate you are. It turns out you share quite a few things in common with Cancers! Cancers are known to be emotionally invested in a strong way regarding all their relationships, as well as for being incredibly dependable and loyal. They tend to place needs and wants of their loved ones above their own without asking for anything in return, which you also run into problems doing. No one can debate that both of you love in a big way, which is something others shouldn’t take for granted.


When it comes to being where the action is, both of you are more than itching to be there. Neither of you is afraid to speak your mind, and you have an undeniable presence when you’re part of a group. You have quite a bit in common with an Aries! Aries’ are known to have intense amounts of energy. They are excited to get their hands dirty and tackle whatever obstacle might dare come their way. ESTJs likely will relate more to the Aries’ no-nonsense attitude about speaking their mind and getting down to business (though ESTJs and Aries both have rowdy, playful energy to them, they don’t mind calling the shots). ESTPs will gravitate more to the Aries’ sense of adventure and exploring new challenges, as well as both of their tendencies to become bored quickly. All of you bring incredible energy to wherever you are, and it’s appreciated more than you realize.

ENFJ: Virgo

You can see the best in people, and you have no issue with giving them a little nudge to help them become a better version of themselves. You’re caring and devoted to the people you allow into your life, but you require a great deal of trust first. Though it may seem a little strange, you would be surprised by how much you have in common with a Virgo! Virgos are very detail-oriented, and they have a high set of standards for themselves and those around them. They can be self-critical, but it’s fueled by an underlying desire to do everything to the best of their ability, which you can relate. Virgos can seem closed off and cold at first (which is contrasted by your warm, open nature) but your common ground lies in your need for trust to build a firm foundation. You also share in a need for structure and plans that give you a sense of control. You both also have a tendency to try and “fix” every problem that comes your way—even when they aren’t your problems to being with. Both of you provide such support and guidance to people’s lives, and even if they don’t always say it, it’s more helpful than you realize!

ENTJ/ISTJ: Capricorn

You both are known for many things, but your work-ethic stands out, and you know it. You like to have a plan for your life and then jump right in towards making that plan a reality, whatever it takes. You don’t take any relationship lightly, whether it be romantic, platonic, or work-related, because you don’t want anyone wasting your time. You both share some serious common ground with Capricorns! These “dads” of the zodiac signs hugely value hard work and tradition, and they tend to build their lives around them. They can be a little pessimistic at times and are pretty self-critical, but only because they have such high standards. The ENTJ will likely relate more towards the Capricorn’s tendency to work themselves continuously to achieve their goals, even to the point of working past their limits. The ISTJ will bond more with the Capricorn’s desire to uphold traditional values and make them central to how they behave and what they choose to achieve.

INFJ: Gemini

You are introspective and have a rich inner world that you don’t always let people explore (unless you trust them completely). You’re kind and generous with a soft heart and a sharp mind. You have a desire for knowledge and learning as much as you can about the world and the people around you. You share several traits with a Gemini! Geminis are diverse, intelligent, and clever. They tend to be a bit of a wild card in the sense that you never fully know what you might get on any given day, which honestly is something that can be applied to you as well. Both of you also share in the fact that you’re often misunderstood: Geminis are given a bad rep for being two-faced, flaky, and shallow, whereas INFJs are labeled as believing they are “special” and much more unique than other types. However, once people truly get to know either of you and give you a chance, they see that you’re both prone to looking at the world in ways people never expected and you have a lot of thoughts on the world around you, and your insight is something people are impressed by and thankful for.

ISTP: Taurus

You like to take the world on in a hands-on approach, and you’re in tune with your senses regarding the world around you. You can be hard to get to know, but you have a vast well of emotion and depth that others often don’t realize when first meeting you. Though it seems a little bizarre, you actually have more in common with a Taurus than you know! While it’s true that you both have some pretty stark differences (mainly your desire to have constant change and novelty vs. the Taurus’ desire to have consistency and reliability at all costs) you still share some strong common ground. Tauruses are notoriously known for being closed off and guard their emotions and thoughts with an intense ferocity, and will only let a very few select people become privy to them. They have a bit of a stubborn streak much like yourself. They know what they want and will fight to get it. You both also are very in tune with your senses (ISTPs usually show this through actively experiencing the world through action-oriented activities, while Taureans express this through admiring and acquiring beautiful things for their homes). While you may not see eye to eye on everything, both of you still bring a sense of intrigue and straight-forwardness that is refreshing to those who know you.


You are people-oriented and thrive when you’re lighting up a room. You are sometimes given some flack for appearing “shallow” or “vain,” yet you hold a strong amount of love and support in all of your relationships. You don’t mind stepping up to lead or being in the spotlight; it’s almost like second nature to you. So it’s no shock that you and Leos have a lot in common! Leos are excitable, entertaining, and bold personalities. They command any room they walk into, and they love every second of it. They are fierce in their compassion and devotion, and truly do want to see others succeed, just as much as they want it for themselves. You both love meeting new people and connecting with them because you know the value in connecting with others around you. You’re both also known for never being afraid to chase after your passions with enthusiasm because you do believe that you can achieve them and you won’t let anything stand in your way. You bring light and excitement to the lives of those you know, and they love you for it.

INTJ: Scorpio

You’re private with your thoughts and feelings. You tend to prefer being alone than interacting with others, but not because you hate people—you thoroughly enjoy time to yourself. You can be a bit mysterious with your thoughts, and you tend to attract people who want to discover what’s going on inside your head, though they’ll have a difficult time trying. You have some serious things in common with a Scorpio! Scorpios have a bit of a reputation for being brooding and extremely introverted, but they don’t care what others think about them. They have very intense feelings, but they prefer to keep those under the surface. Both of you are known to keep walls up and have a hard time trusting others, and it can take a while for people to get to know you. You also both have a very blunt nature to you—you won’t go out of your way to hurt someone’s feelings, but you won’t sugar coat anything either. Yet you both also share a strong level of loyalty and devotion to your relationships. If they are patient enough to get past your walls and earn your trust, you won’t give anything less than 100%. You both provide insight and intrigue into the lives of your loved ones, and though they may not always say it, they do admire you for it.

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