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Venus is making a Conjunction to Jupiter this week. These two signs make us believe and appreciate the beauty in life. When combined, they can give us a creative explosion in our minds and hearts. The powerful energies of Jupiter give us a taste of what could be, while Venus pushes us as we hunger for more (in most cases, she wants love). This is a wonderful time to set those intentions and to dream big.

Many Astrologers love this aspect because it makes us all a little more optimistic, a little happier, and a little more loving. Sagittarius brings us optimism and with these Saturn and Pluto aspects testing us, it is nice to have a soothing break every once in a while. Of course, this is only beneficial if you allow and accept the beautiful energies that they can bring. Although these two planets can function as malefic when harshly aspected, I believe that they can still bring us the joy needed to pursue our happiness. Please make sure to use your Ascendant, Sun, and Moon signs. For those Venus-ruled Venus signs, it doesn’t hurt to look at that as well. Have a happy Venus and Jupiter Conjunction and make sure to expand your hearts and do not be afraid to love.

Aries (Ninth House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – Your mind will feel like a computer, as you take in information and communicate it back to your friends, family or peers. This is a great time to prepare for going back to school after this long winter break. For those who have no intention of school, travel might be on the horizon as you prepare for your next glorious trips abroad. If you prefer to stay at home, you will feel delighted to cozy with a good book or writing to get your heartstrings moving.

Taurus (Eighth House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – Money might come easier for you during this period or it might leave your hands just as quickly. This is the perfect time to make plans for travel or to believe in your dreams and goals. If you had been doubting yourself, take it easy and relax. This is also a great time to connect with friends and family so that you can feel warmth and joy.

Gemini (Seventh House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – There could be a feeling where you want to take on the world. Confidence is at max here with the Venus and Jupiter conjunction. Make sure to watch those purse strings because you might be compelled to spend money to make yourself feel and look like a million bucks. Everyone will view you as a Rockstar as you attract more powerful people and make new lasting connections.

Cancer (Sixth House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – For Cancers, this might feel like a moment to retreat, to rebalance and meditate so you can prepare for the next stage. There is definitely an inner awakening, as you might feel confident in yourself as you experience a boost in energy and will feel inspired to take on the world. All eyes will be on you this week as you will be praised for your hard work and you might even witness some good financial feedback.

Leo (Fifth House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – There will be plenty of connections made, as you stun everyone with your aura and personality. This conjunction will give you the tools needed to feel alive and ready to take on the world. This is a moment of excitement, especially as you handle the gifts from the Lunar Eclipse in your sign, further enhancing your inner Aristocrat. Make sure to not let the ego take over as everyone will be fawning over you.

Virgo (Fourth House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – Home is where the heart is and this is where Virgo thrives. That cool renovation you’ve been eying could become a reality, but it will probably still be unraveling itself in your head. The conjunction will alleviate any tensions at home as your heart grows and those around you feel your living energy. Friends will seek you out for help and do not be surprised if you become more popular this period or host more house parties, you just have that loving and glorious vibe that will make everyone want to spend time around you.

Libra (Third House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – Words will come to you with beauty and grace and the energy around you will change. This conjunction brings out the diplomat in you, your words will diffuse any ticking timebombs, you will be called to make peace between warring parties. There will also be an opportunity for travel and more joyous moments filled with beauty and romance. Venus is your chart ruler, so expect those unexpected gifts from your favorite benefic.

Scorpio (Second House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – Make sure to control what you earn and forecast what you plan to spend. This conjunction will give you the insights needed to grow more spiritually as well. Scorpios have been going through an evolving stage, especially since Pluto has been making sweet aspects to their ascendant. Take it easy, have fun and enjoy what Venus has to offer you but at the same time, do not allow the immense optimism to make you indulge in your heart’s desire. All in moderation.

Sagittarius (First House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – Confidence blooms as you enjoy being center stage here. This is a week filled with opportunities and memorable moments. Whatever you have dreamed of regarding plans will become a reality in the next couple of months. Continue to trust in yourself because your optimism will take you far. This is your year, Sagittarius and you will continue to receive many blessings.

Capricorn (Twelfth House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – You retreat into your subconscious and start to make plans. Here is the perfect opportunity to take a step back from your chaotic schedule and all the energy emitted by Saturn and Pluto in your first. This is the perfect time to look back and plan forward because whatever you initiate now will manifest into wonderous rewards later on.

Aquarius (Eleventh House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – A perfect opportunity to take center stage. You will receive a boost in connections. For those taking advantage of social media, you will feel more linked to those in the World Wide Web compared to the people in your immediate space. Expect to go viral at any second or to get lots of compliments on those Instagram/Facebook selfies.

Pisces (Tenth House Conjunction in Sagittarius) – This is the perfect opportunity to receive a promotion, to link up with those who have pushed you away, or to just be in center stage at school. With this powerful conjunction in your house of honors, you will feel energized and even entitled to praise. Make sure to control the ego, because you will continue to shine brightly this year.

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