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Find out what is the mistake that prevents you from finding your soul mate. The opinion of the stars.

When it comes to love, anyone who finds himself dreaming of meeting his soulmate. Finding someone who can love us, understand us, and make us feel always at the center of attention is one of the greatest dreams of every woman, together with that of finding a partner who can also be an accomplice, a friend, and the person most important in your life. So what is it that makes the realization of such a dream so difficult? Of course, many times the work, the many commitments, and the problems of everyday life can get in the way but have you ever tried to think that you could be among the problems too?
Perhaps you have never noticed it but sometimes the greatest obstacles are hidden in the rigidity of thought or in expecting something specific. And since this aspect is also influenced at least in part by the stars, today after having seen what kind of man the women of the zodiac fall in love with and how each zodiac sign experiences defeat, we will find out what is the most preventing error. to find a soul mate. As always, when dealing with emotions and feelings, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant, to have a more complete picture of the situation.

Horoscope: what prevents you from finding a soul mate

Aries – Making Rash Choices
The only real impediment between you and your sweetheart is you. You tend to surround yourself with the wrong people in life, especially when it comes to possible suitors. True, you like to have fun and you love that others can brighten your days, but when it comes to feelings you should focus on other aspects as well, remembering to keep an eye on those little things that you would miss in the long run. The right man for you, in addition to being attractive and full of resources, must also be sweet and patient, know how to foresee your needs, and want to get to know you thoroughly. You will see that by trying to look beyond and with the awareness that the characteristics that attract you at the moment must join others that you may like forever, the wheel will start to turn.

Taurus – The fear of letting go
Your biggest impediment when it comes to feelings is the fear of letting go of what you feel. The fear of being disappointed or not being reciprocated in the right way leads you to erect a sort of wall that in the long run can confuse those on the other side and would just like to get to know you better. This means that even a possible love risks never blossoming because unless you find a stubborn and determined person to break down every single brick of your defenses, being able to make yourself known and loved for who you are can be difficult. To unblock things, it is therefore essential that you put something of your own into it, committing yourself to open up more and to externalize what you are and, above all, what you feel. After all, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain.

Gemini – You’re being inconstant
In love, as well as in friendship and everyday life you tend to show yourself as an inconstant person, with a variable mood and often undecided on which path to take. While all of this corresponds to your way of being, there is much more within you that you should learn to show. There is joy, willpower when you care about something, the way you cheer up those around you, empathy and your being highly communicative and always ready to embrace life with enthusiasm. By showing your best sides, you will certainly be able to compensate for those small flaws that, taken individually, simply make you special. And that would undoubtedly help you find love. So why not get started?

Cancer – You’re being selective
When you approach a potential suitor you always do so by looking at him from top to bottom, looking for who knows what defects. This prevents you from grasping any positive sides because in addition to putting others in awe you limit yourself to noting only the things that interest you, avoiding looking at who you are in front of. Your confidentiality then does the rest, making you appear as a distant and impossible person to approach. If you hope to meet your soul mate, you must commit to changing this way of doing that in the long-run risks leading you only to burning disappointments because even choosing someone based on your canons, the risk is to stay anyway. unsatisfied. Try to approach things differently and follow your heart.

Leo – Your exuberance
It is true, your happiness, the desire to do things, and the enthusiasm you have in life are elements that play in your favor. This aspect, however, risks penalizing you when you are getting to know someone. If you combine your exuberant being with always wanting to be the center of attention, the risk is not to leave even the smallest space for those who want to know you better and this can make you think that you are not interested at all. If you find that you like someone, then, the best thing to do is try to limit yourself a little, giving them away to express themselves and make themselves known and letting them know that you may even be interested. You will see that in this way everything will be easier, with a lot of gain for you too that you will be able to understand immediately if whoever you are in front of may or may not be the right person for you.

Virgo – Your stiffness
It’s true when you dream of the great love you do it big, imagining how it should be and what you could do together. The problem is that in practice you leave your dreams in a world apart by showing yourself too rigid even towards the person you like. In this way, the risk is to throw the wrong inputs and make them believe they are interested in something else. If you like someone, just try to be yourself, show your feelings smoothly, and try to smooth out your corners. The beauty of being with someone also consists in knowing new parts of yourself and this is only possible by setting aside rigid or unmodified patterns. You will see that even just trying will make you see things from a broader perspective and certainly more fun.

Libra – control of your emotions
In life, you always try to be moderate whether it is to express positive or negative emotions. Unfortunately, your way of being is also reflected in your feelings, so much so that when you like someone you tend to take a step back, expecting the other to make his move as well as yours. The truth is that love is like a dance that needs at least two elements and you, in this case, are the main one. So why not let yourself go to love without too many fears? It is true the risk is that of suffering but even without doing anything you risk falling into the grip of regrets. We might as well get involved and risk everything because the prize could be a dream love.

Scorpio – The lack of confidence
Yes, sensitive like few other people, when you tend to fall in love with someone, the first thing you do is question everything. Your greatest fear is that of being hurt or, even worse, betrayed. For this reason, you close in on yourself, preventing the other from coming forward and communicating to you what he feels about you. A situation that, once started, is difficult to fix. This is why you must start working on yourself and trust, learning to accept the possibility of possible failures, and opening yourself to the world an,d, above all, to those who show an interest in you. Only in this way can you hope to fall in love and make others fall in love with you. And who knows if the right person for you has not already arrived and is waiting for the green light to get closer.

Sagittarius – Your Thirst for Independence
Love means bonding to you and everything related to bonding is a big deal. In need of your spaces as never before, you tend to escape from everything that promises to be lasting and this despite your romantic nature leads you to dream of great love. The truth is that however patient, no love would stay on your terms for a long time, and sooner or later it would show the bill, that is, the choice between him and a free life but alone. Maybe it’s time to figure out if you want to live single or if your dream is so strong that it deserves some sacrifice to come true. You will see that over time you will discover that it is not that difficult to find the right person and that sometimes you can be free even when you are with someone.

Capricorn – Your initial block
Well yes, in love as well as in friendship you tend to have a sort of initial block that prevents you from opening up to others and that in the long run makes you appear rigid or unwilling to know others. In reality, when you get attached you are instead able to give yourself 100%. This aspect, however, if not communicated is difficult to grasp and the only thing you can do is make an effort to welcome everyone with the benefit of the doubt, treating them as loved ones and risking some disappointment. Because, if you think about it, these can always come but there is nothing worse than the awareness of having lost someone (maybe even special) just for having chosen not to open up.

Aquarius – Your total closure
It is true when you meet someone, the first impression you give is usually positive, so much so that others want to know you more. Unfortunately, your need for privacy comes soon after by creating a wall that turns anyone away. Because unless you give appropriate explanations, it is easy to understand that, in the face of a sudden change of attitude, anyone who finds himself displaced, decides to make new attempts. If you like someone, then, try to put in a little more effort and be more open to welcoming them into your life. The time to let him know that you need space will not be lacking but at least you will be able to make yourself known by avoiding concluding everything even before it begins.

Pisces – Expectations
Let’s face it, you are so projected towards love that when you start dating someone you already expect them to treat you as the love of their life. Unfortunately, this is not the case and it takes both time and the right knowledge to reach certain parameters. So try to dwell for a moment on the characteristics of the person you like and not create expectations about how they should treat you. It will only be time to tell if you are meant to be together and if yours is love. Until then, however, there are other important factors such as getting to know each other, exploring each other’s worlds, and discovering each other day by day. Why give up on all this just for the desire to run? Have you ever heard that the early days are also the most beautiful?

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