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This Is What Makes You Hard To Get, Based On Your Zodiac

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What is the one thing which makes the opposite sex think of you as impossible to win over?

The thing which makes you hard to get? It all depends on the zodiac sign you belong to.


One of your greatest qualities is, without a doubt, your independence.

Nevertheless, it is also the thing which often scares your potential partner away, especially once they see that you are completely self-sufficient and that you don’t and never will need them.

You have this amazing ability to walk through life alone but sometimes, it also makes you appear hard to get.

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You are the most stubborn sign in the entire zodiac. You want things to go your way and you have to really love someone to be willing to compromise with them.

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Even though you seem like the sign which is the easiest to approach, the truth is actually quite different.

If you belong to this zodiac, you are likely to have more than one personality—one face for the world and the other one deeply hidden.

This second personality is sensitive and vulnerable and it has all the qualities nobody who meets you for the first time could ever imagine you possess.

The truth is that you actually need a long time to expose your true self to others and to give all of your layers to your romantic partner.

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Being one of the most empathetic signs of the entire zodiac, you have the ability to read people and to see their true intentions and personality the moment you meet them.

You don’t accept lies or deceptions and nobody can trick you into pretending to be someone they are not.

So basically, you are not as hard to get as you are hard to be fooled.

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The last thing you plan on wasting your energy or time on is being with someone immature who needs you to raise them, no matter how hard you might fall for them.

None of the people who don’t know what they want from life or who can’t be your equal partner will get you in a million years.

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What makes you hard to get are your strong deal-breakers and high standards that you are not ready to lower for anyone.

It is not that you pretend to ask for too much just so the opposite sex would chase you—you just know what you want and aren’t afraid to settle for anything less.

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If you belong to this zodiac, people probably consider you to be indecisive and often mistake this quality of yours with not knowing what you want.

Nevertheless, the truth is that you just appear too picky because you want to make sure you choose the best option you have.

You take time to commit, which makes you look hard to get but once you dedicate yourself to a relationship, you do it all the way.

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For you, romantic relationships have a much deeper meaning than for everyone else.

People think that you are only interested in s’ but the truth is that you are actually in the constant search for a deeper bond and intimacy on another level besides pure physical.

What makes you hard to get is the fact that you aren’t ready to settle for a person who can’t give you all of the above.

You don’t want to get yourself involved in a superficial relationship or with someone who doesn’t get you.

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When it comes to your social circle, you’ve always been known as a friend who tells the harsh truth straight to someone’s face.

You can’t stand someone who isn’t completely honest at all times and a person who plans on playing you or lying to you will never have you.

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What makes you hard to get, similar to Aries, is the fact that you don’t need your partner.

You know that you are a complete person on your own and you are not in search of your other half.

Nonetheless, this quality of yours is often intimidating to other people and especially to those who want to make you dependent on them.

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You are guarded in love and it takes a special person to tear down the walls that you’ve been building for years.

You don’t let just anyone in and it takes you a lot of time to start trusting people and to give them access to your vulnerable side.

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The thing which makes you hard to get is the fact that you don’t express your feelings in the usual way, which might make the other person feel emotionally neglected.

Your partner needs time to figure you out and to understand your unconventional ways of showing love.

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