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Find out what helps you feel alive based on your zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars, sign by sign.

Feeling alive is one of the greatest achievements that can be made in the choir of life. It is in fact a less obvious result than one thinks and which is difficult to achieve for many people. Always caught up in the many commitments, relationships, and various social rules, it often happens that we lose sight of and forget what makes us feel truly alive.

Yet, it is a basic aspect that each of us should pursue day after day and without ever getting tired of doing it. Today, therefore, we will focus on this particular aspect, discovering together which path to follow to finally feel alive and proud of the existence we are leading.

How to feel alive based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Always living new adventures
Your life is a constant running back and forth in search of new goals to reach and conquer. An aspect that you always pursue, but of which you lose sight of the most important aspect from time to time. What really matters is the possibility of always living new adventures and feeling at the center of an exciting journey. To succeed, therefore, you do not need to aspire to who knows what destination as much as to enjoy the journey that can lead us. A seemingly minimal difference but capable of making a difference and making you feel more alive than ever. Something you have always had a great need for.

Taurus – Experience love
For you, love has always been one of the most important aspects of life. And for that reason, you need to pursue it to always feel your best. In fact, to live well you need to feel in love, to feel the heart beating, and to savor all those emotions without which you would not be able to feel alive. Whether you are in a couple or still single, then, the trick is to always feel in love, nurture your feelings, and never sit down. A sentimental relationship must always be alive and at the same time, your desire to indulge love, in general, must be. Because this is what you do best and at the same time it defines you and helps you feel fully yourself.

Gemini – Always have new experiences
What makes you feel alive is the possibility of always having new experiences and being able to make you grow. This depends on your need to always live in different situations and be able to get rid of that monotony that you just can’t appreciate. It is therefore important that beyond the choices you make day after day and your lifestyle, you are always able to reserve a space for making new acquaintances, starting new adventures, and always being on the move. Because this is what makes you feel really alive and that gives you the energy and the desire to do that for your way of being are simply indispensable. A secret you should never forget.

Cancer – Feeling Loved
What you need most in life is to feel loved and supported in everything you do. This is a goal that you have always pursued and for which you should learn to infuse more energy. Instead of waiting for others to do what you expect of them, you should be able to figure out what you really need so that you surround yourself with the right people. In this way, you will know how to feel at the center of the world and this will help you to perceive that energy that makes you feel first of all alive. Exactly what you have always pursued and that once consolidated will help you relax in several ways, allowing you to fully enjoy life.

Leo – Affirm yourself
If there is one thing that makes you feel alive and happy and knows that you are the undisputed protagonist of your life. This implies a desire to assert yourself in everything you do that goes well with your need to always be at the center of attention. When you feel at your best, you can express yourself in a more serene and balanced way. For this reason, the first thing you should do is to work hard in carrying out your projects, following only the ones you really like and that give you that sort of adrenaline you like so much. In this way, you will perceive life as always at its best and able to offer you everything you need.

Virgo – Feeling serene
What makes you feel alive is being able to put aside the many negative thoughts that often crowd your mind. To succeed you need to learn first of all to be positive and constructive and to bring the right serenity into your presence alone. Succeeding is not difficult as long as you have the right mood to do it. What matters is to get busy and not give up on the first difficulty. This way you will always know what to do and act, even if it may seem strange to you, it will already be a great way to always feel your best. Since serenity is what you pursue the most, working on yourself will be the best you can do. As well as a way to finally feel alive and full of desire to do.

Libra – Surround yourself with positivity
You live well in harmony and have always been a person who pursues all that is beautiful. To feel alive you, therefore, need a good dose of positivity without which you would not know how to go on. This means that you don’t have to make who knows how many changes if not to encourage everything that gives your skin pleasant sensations. In this way, you will feel fully in yourself and will be able to think even more clearly about any decisions to be made. All while pursuing the life that really suits you. That is one in which you always feel in good shape, serene, and with the desire to do and be with the people you like. In summary, life is made up of only positive things.

Scorpio – Feeling the passion within you
What makes you feel alive? Passion. And not just from a sentimental point of view but in every single aspect of your life. For you, everything must be imbued with passion and emotions. Provided they can overwhelm you. And when that happens you feel alive like never before. Alive and invincible. A feeling you love and that brings out the best in you. A life lived following your passions will therefore be a full life, happy and able to make you enjoy every single moment. Exactly what you really need to feel fulfilled and full of life. Just the way you like it.

Sagittarius – Chasing Your Dreams
Feeling alive isn’t something that happens to you often and when it doesn’t happen for a while you end up gloomy and extremely negative. To prevent this from happening, you need to pursue your dreams, from the smallest to the largest and all without ever stopping, even in the face of obstacles. If you know you are fighting for what you believe in, in fact, you can feel good no matter what the outcome. And even if, obviously, you also need your confirmations, a life spent chasing your dreams will still be better than one lived on the bench. The reason why the advice is to never give up.

Capricorn – Doing more and more
Perhaps others do not realize it as you would like but what you like most and need most to feel alive is to have many commitments to follow and respect. Having to run between one thing and another is what gives you a way to feel energetic and with a purpose. And even if sometimes doing it causes you a little stress, you would certainly be worse off standing still. What you can improve is the choice of commitments to make. In fact, opting only for things that you really like to do may be able to feel even more alive and satisfied with the goals achieved. Exactly what you need to move forward positively.

Aquarius – Doing what you want
For you, feeling alive means feeling good about yourself. For this reason, the best way you can do it is to always do only what you really want. Pursue your dreams or laze around if you prefer. What matters is to always be able to follow the heart without giving too much weight to the judgment of others. After all, only you can know what makes you truly happy. And believing in it to the point of choosing and following your own path is the best way to feel more alive than ever.

Pisces – Creating Joy and Harmony for Everyone
If there is one thing you love to do and you do really well, it is creating harmony and joy for others. Your fantasy as well as the love you have for life and all the good things it entails matters a lot. In fact, it makes you the best person to instill joy in others. And this is also what makes you feel most alive. Because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a smile born knowing that you have contributed to such a miracle. Of course, this is not a kind of ambition that everyone can understand. But it is what makes you special and that helps you feel alive more than anyone else. This is why continuing will only do you and the world good.

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