Find out what makes you think about your ex again even though your relationship is long over. The opinion of the stars, sign by sign.

When we fall in love, everything is beautiful and imaginary bridges are built, capable of leading us towards a wonderful tomorrow. We dream, we plan a future as a duo and we make decisions that also contemplate the other person. For this reason, it’s easy to imagine how the end of a story can hurt, especially if the other person chose to quit. However, life goes on and after having vented and processed the sadness it is right to get up, take back your life and open up to new experiences and, why not, maybe even to a new love.
Unfortunately, it is not always possible to deal with things in this way and the people who remain anchored to the past and the figure of their ex are many.
Since this aspect is also linked, at least in part, to the influence that the stars have on us, today after having seen which is the perfect man for every woman of the zodiac and what prevents the various signs from finding a soulmate, we will find out what links some signs to the figure of the ex.
If possible, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant to have a more complete idea of ​​the situation.

Horoscope: what keeps you anchored to the figure of the ex

Aries – You hate the idea of ​​being dumped
When an important affair ends, you are not one to dwell on the past or let go of regrets unless the conclusion was chosen by the ex and you have not suffered. . Used to leaving you to hate the idea that someone has preferred another person to you or that, more simply, has considered your story as something to close. To bind you to the figure of your ex is therefore the idea of ​​failure and the anger towards him which, often and willingly, joins that insane desire to make him understand what he has lost. The problem is that while he goes on you remain anchored to his figure, risking missing important opportunities. Perhaps the best way to make them pay is to just move on.

Taurus – You get too attached to memories
When a romance ends, you tend to stick with good memories, regretting every romantic moment spent with your ex. This, combined with your being in some ways habitual, means that you end up staying focused on the past and unable to grasp all the beautiful things that the present could offer you. It is not a modality that you carry on for a long time but for the time that lasts it ends up making you feel empty and always lacking something. It is true, a story that ends involves the end of a dream and a life project together but you can always try to focus on the fact that it is better than the problems that have arisen in this moment rather than in the distant future. For the rest, it is right that you suffer for a while but after,

Gemini – You can’t put an end to it
What binds you to your ex? The inability to put an end to it when someone puts it in your place. If you get tired and consider a relationship now dead you do not have big problems in ending it. But if it’s the other person who thinks about it, things are very different, especially if there was still a lot for you to share. In any case, once the decision is made it is difficult to change things, and perhaps you should come to terms with it too, seizing the chance to renew your life. Trying at all costs to re-establish contact will most likely create more problems and suffering than anything else and if it is fate as you think, time will prove you right. But let things happen at the right time and in the meantime take back your life. Even if you find it hard to believe it still has a lot to offer you.

Cancer – You have a hard time falling out
of love Romantic as you are, when a love story comes to an end you struggle to fall out of love. You continue to look at the photos taken together, read the messages, and go to the places where you have been together. This way of doing, however, risks weighing everything down and making you suffer more than you should. A good way to get out of it? Forcing yourself not to think about him anymore, going out with friends, and distracting yourself as much as possible. It will certainly take some time but in the end, you will feel like you have been reborn and you will rarely remember what made you suffer so much since the end of this love.

Leo – You can’t stand the idea of ​​failure
In life you are used to always making winning choices, so the thought that one of these has not been creating some discomfort. We are not talking, of course, of the stories that you know are destined to end but of those most important relationships and in which we believed to the point of thinking about a future together. When it comes time to part with you, chaos is created because, first of all, you are forced to admit that you have failed. However, this is too extreme and severe a vision of things since when there are two involved it is easier for there to be a way to stumble somewhere. Better to avoid thinking this way, keep pleasant memories, and take the rest as a lesson to do better next time. In this way, even the memory of the ex will become lighter,

Virgo – You dwell too much on what it was
When a story ends, instead of moving on, you pause too much trying to figure out which of the two has made the most mistakes. It is a game of massacre that leads to nothing if not to create more disagreements leading to unified resentments between the parties. Much better to archive everything and think about enjoying the present, perhaps trying not to make any mistakes that we realized along the way. What concerns the ex, however, should be forgotten and left out of any new stories. The risk, otherwise, is to ruin a relationship that could work because of the ghost of someone with whom you will probably never have anything to do again. A risk that just isn’t worth taking, right?

Libra – The fear of loneliness
When a story ends you are more than aware of the reasons that led to it and normally you can even rationalize everything without major problems. What makes you sick is the fear of loneliness, which sometimes plays tricks on you like going back to thinking longingly about your ex. That said, you do not mull over the past too much and luckily you know how to get up to better enjoy the present, aware that every experience you have will be a prerequisite for a better future in which you already know where to focus your attention.

Scorpio – You Blame Yourself Too Often
When something goes wrong, your first reaction is to point the finger at you for mistakes. This way of doing things also happens when a relationship comes to an end. Even if you are angry and/or embittered, you end up wondering where you could have gone wrong, reliving backward what happened between you and finding yourself often and willingly navigating the sea of ​​memories. An unpleasant situation that risks making you feel nostalgia and maybe even regrets. The right thing to do? Put a stone on it and forget what it was. A future, when you have taken the right distances you can also go back to it, but for now, what matters is to forget.

Sagittarius – You never close the door completely
Why are you having a hard time forgetting your ex? Simply because you have never closed permanently and this means that the image of him remains well etched in your heart. Continuing to feel or even see each other with the excuse of being on good terms is deleterious at least until the feelings have been extinguished on both sides. The heart needs time to metabolize a break and continue to see each other means that this time is not well defined, leaving the illusion of a short break that sooner or later could end up seeing you together again. Better to be strong and close all contact completely. If you are friends, you will be able to take things back in due course. Now, however, you need to move on and to do so you need to understand 100% that it’s over between you.

Capricorn – You fill yourself with too many commitments not to think about it
Your real problem is that when a story ends you don’t give yourself the time to realize it, to cry about it, and to metabolize it. Rather than admitting to being sick, you prefer to overburden yourself with more and more commitments, arriving in the evening so tired that you collapse on your bed even before the thought of what happened comes to your mind. The problem, however, is that sooner or later there will come a moment of calm when the pain will surface with arrogance, and the more time has passed, the worse it will be for your heart. Better to suffer at the moment, let off steam, look for distractions, and metabolize everything properly. In this way you will also be able to take measures with what happened and doing so will help you to recover faster, finally opening yourself up to new possibilities.

Aquarius – Pretend Nothing Has Happened
It’s okay to be reserved but you are to the point that even after ending a romance, you remain silent, avoiding talking about it, crying, and letting off steam with others. This means that for the whole world the idea is that you are still busy and since most of the time you avoid specifying how things are, maybe you continue to think so. But opening your eyes to reality is the only way to face things until you feel better. For once, then, let yourself go, let off steam, tell a trusted friend how you feel but get rid of the weight you carry on you. In some cases, this is the only way to get out and feel better. After that, you will have plenty of time to return to your silences.

Pisces – You never stop thinking about it
That you are an inveterate romantic is now well known but continuing to think about your ex is tantamount to real torture and does not help you in any way. It’s okay to rethink how it ended or what could have been done to avoid it. After the first few days, however, it is necessary to put your heart in peace and accept the harsh reality. Only in this way can you begin to fade the image of him from your mind and, above all, from your heart. And once you do it, you will surely feel better and ready to open up to love again. Because after all, what’s the point of brooding over something you can no longer have if a thousand other paths open up in front of you? You just have to try. Sometimes it takes very little to feel happy again.

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