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This is the least popular zodiac sign when choosing a partner

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“Which zodiac sign do you actually have?” Many people seem to ask this question. According to studies, 25 percent of Germans actually trust the stars when it comes to potential partners. We’ll tell you which zodiac sign doesn’t do well!

The survey of a dating portal not only transmitted how many singles actually pay attention to the zodiac sign. It was also asked which are the most popular and least popular zodiac signs. It turned out that 13 percent of those questioned could not imagine a relationship with a Scorpio !

Above in the video: Men have the most respect for these zodiac signs!

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This is probably due to the fact that the notorious jealousy is ascribed to him. Scorpios are also said to be vengeful and insidious. The Scorpio is said to be a real career guy. Those are all terrible qualities for a partner!

For women, the air sign Gemini and the fire sign Leo have a similarly difficult time . Hardly any woman appreciates the unpredictability and volatility of the twin. The lion’s vain nature often gets in the way. Men, on the other hand, avoid Capricorn women. Sometimes it is simply too factual and know-it-all for them.

Which zodiac signs are particularly popular?

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Cancer is number one of the most popular zodiac signs. Only three percent of those surveyed could not imagine a relationship with a cancer. A cancer is sensitive and domestic. It seems like these qualities are particularly well suited for a long and happy relationship . Romance and togetherness are very important in Cancer. And the partner really appreciates that. Cuddling, nesting, and starting a family are simply the most fun with a Cancer. Cancer is closely followed by goal-oriented Sagittarius and in third place is Libra, who has a penchant for beautiful things.

It’s all in the station wagon

If you pay attention to the other’s zodiac sign when choosing a partner, you shouldn’t lose sight of your own: some signs harmonize particularly well and others don’t go together at all! Every zodiac sign has positive and negative characteristics.

If you are looking for a successful relationship, you should make sure that the positive characteristics of your zodiac signs reinforce each other. The negatives are best saved. For example, being a Cancer at home can wipe out a Scorpio’s jealousy. With a total of 78 possible combinations, there is a suitable zodiac sign for everyone.

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