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Wherever the faux pas may lurk, there are people who are guaranteed to step into it. Something keeps falling out of their hands, they forget their wallet at home or they make their coffee in the morning without water. Who would have thought that the zodiac sign is also responsible for your clumsiness! These three magically attract mishaps.

3rd place: Sagittarius

Sagittarius have a lot of energy , are adventurous, and seek the truth and great insight. Unfortunately, they are often rather naive about it, following the motto: everything will work out fine. Blessed with plenty of optimism, Sagittarius walk carelessly through life, as it were. One time you don’t pay attention and the contact lens falls into the sink or the pizza burns in the oven. Which somehow makes people with this zodiac sign likeable.

2nd place: Aquarius

Aquarius disgusts to conform to clichés and a set agenda. He prefers to find his own way, which is often quite chaotic . It goes without saying that something goes wrong on a regular basis: he forgets appointments, looks for the glasses even though they are on his nose and the new lipstick is gone again. Since Aquarians are often under tension internally, careless mistakes are inevitable. Only in bed is nothing of their clumsy nature to be felt – here they are pretty clever. Which is also good news.

1st place: Aries

The typical Aries could be the hero of a slapstick comedy, because his hectic pace and confusion are second to none . The Aries is like an impatient bundle of energy that surrenders to life with passion and the use of fire. In doing so, he sometimes overshoots the target in one or the other thing, acts unfocused and forgets everything else around him. No wonder it magically attracts mishaps. If he walks into the office with two different socks on his feet, that is one of the smaller mishaps.

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