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Find out how you are in a relationship based on your zodiac sign.

When you fall in love and start a romantic relationship with someone, very often you are so caught up in the other person that you don’t realize what you look like.
So, many times, we end up falling from the clouds when something goes wrong or the partner expresses criticism towards us. Since also the way of living relationships is, at least in part, influenced by the stars, today after having seen which are the worst couples in the zodiac and how to conquer each zodiac sign , today we will therefore try to look at ourselves from the outside and understand how we are at inside of a sentimental story. Since these are mostly ways of being, even in this case, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant in order to have a clearer situation in mind.

This is how you are in a relationship. The opinion of the stars

Aries – With too much impetuosity
When you start a relationship you tend to start in fourth place with the risk of leaving behind the other person who, disoriented, will find himself wondering what happened to the “we” that should be the basis of every love story . While you mostly act on instinct, you must always keep in mind that there is someone by your side who is not exactly the same as you and that your hyperactive manners can sometimes be overkill. Love must be treated with delicacy, listened to and cultivated. So try to take a deep breath and take each step with all the necessary calm. You will see that when you have taken the same step, moving in tune will be much easier.

Taurus – With weighting
For you, love is something serious that is worth moving with extreme calm. Well, if on the one hand you are absolutely right, on the other it must be said that your way of proceeding is sometimes very slow to the point that it can make those around you think that you are not interested enough. If you know that the person you are close to is the right one, try to analyze the dynamics of your relationship less and focus more on you as a person. You will see that in this way the dialogue will also improve. Furthermore, at least for the first time, it would be appropriate to put away that need for possession that often pushes you to make those around you feel backed up against the wall. Remember that those who love you do not run away and do not leave for any reason unless they feel hunted. So, try to relax and fully enjoy your love story.

Gemini – With too much self-centeredness
Even when you are in love you end up being too busy with yourself, to the point of forgetting who is around you and what their priorities are. If on the one hand it is true that you always need new stimuli and that you expect your partner to know how to give you every day, on the other it is true that you are two in love and that it is important that you do your part too. Same thing goes for any flirtations you might be putting in place just to pass the time. Being together has a different meaning than being single and if you want to make your relationship work, it’s better to put aside childish games or ways of being able to bet everything on you. You will see that with a little more effort on your part too, things will improve and even the fear of boredom will disappear, engulfed by the many things you can do together,

Cancer – With too many ups and downs
Although you are a decidedly romantic person, your way of experiencing love constantly suffers your mood. When you are in the mood you can give yourself 100% by showing all the love in the world, but a very small thing is enough that you tend to sulk, closing yourself up like a hedgehog and all without giving the slightest explanation. These attitudes, in the long run, end up leaving the other person in a situation of uncertainty which they may get tired of. So try to put aside the mood shots to dedicate yourself as you would like to the person you love. It will certainly be a way to better enjoy your relationship without taking unnecessary risks. Because in the end, you know well too, that the last thing you want is to be alone and regret not having acted when you still could.

Leo – With a certain superficiality
Although you are a person who cares particularly about love and feelings, when you find yourself in a relationship, with the strength of the security you feel, you tend to let go, losing the opportunity to commit as you should. This depends on why you are often caught up in too many things, first of all work. It would take little, however, to change things. Although your way of loving in the beginning is a good way to make your partner feel bonded, changing little by little ends up cooling things down, leading to the risk of future breakups. The solution? Never take anything for granted, do your best and remember that under the lighthouse from which you love to be illuminated there should also be those around you because living a relationship also means going hand in hand in life as well as in the relationship.

Virgo – With too many silences
It is true, in relationships you have always been a bit closed and those around you know your way of being. Nonetheless, when you’ve been together for a while, you think that confidence can change things and in fact that’s what should happen. Loving someone means giving oneself and giving, making oneself known and exploring aspects of oneself that are not shared with others. Maintaining a surface-only relationship, therefore, can make your partner feel sidelined or not important enough to you. Try to make the effort to open up a little and you will see that in addition to making your relationship more stable you will discover the pleasure of having someone you can trust and with whom to open up by showing yourself at 100%. After all, if you’re not yourself with who you love, who could you ever be with?

Libra – Lightly
For you, love is a simple thing to the point of not requiring special care. Of course, a relationship that works does not need who knows what precautions, in truth, however, just as a fire needs new wood to be able to continue to burn undisturbed. Although you are always busy with your commitments and the many thoughts that run through your mind, you should try to give something more to the relationship, without ever taking it for granted. Only in this way can you hope to see him grow and to know that he is fit and destined to last. Also, for you who love to take care of your stuff, it shouldn’t be a lot of effort. On the contrary, you may find that you just enjoy learning to give him the care he needs every day.

Scorpio – With too many dramas
While on the one hand it is true that for you love must be something that can make your heart beat faster, on the other hand it should not be forgotten that every now and then a relationship can be pleasant even without unnecessary drama. Of course, living like in a movie or a love novel can be exciting at first, but after a while a tiredness tends to take over that if you could also accept, those around you will live in a decidedly different way. Try to take a break every now and then from the need for constant passion in which you live and try to also experience the pleasure of a peaceful relationship, made up of complicity and good times to live together. You may discover new aspects of love that could leave you pleasantly surprised.

Sagittarius – With superficiality
Your constant need for freedom pushes you to live relationships superficially and without caring as you should for the needs of those around you. Of course, feeling constrained is not something that you like and that you can bear but that does not mean that the other person is okay with having a relationship that is too free. Committing to a relationship involves sacrifices that shouldn’t sound like if you’re in love. First, then, try to ask yourself how you feel and if you understand that it is true love, then try to share the partner in your travels and endeavors. Make him your accomplice and not someone who has to wait for your return.

Capricorn – With detachment
Always busy with work and the many commitments you surround yourself with, the space you have for love is very small. This means that when you start a relationship it is always with little commitment and with an almost detached attitude that, even if you do not realize it, can make the other person suffer, even leading them to distance themselves. To make things change for the better, you need to open up more, taking time away from work to nurture something just as important as your relationship. Of course, at first it may seem difficult but time will prove you right, making you arrive at a connection never experienced before. Seeing is believing.

Aquarius – Coldly
Yes, sometimes your detached ways risk making you appear cold, leading those around you to think that they are not important enough to you. Although it is right not to change one’s personality, one must also understand that in a relationship, whether it is a couple or a friend, confrontation is necessary. For this reason, you should start giving more from an emotional point of view, giving some more love gestures and expressing your feelings in words so as to let the other person know that even if closed in your world you have feelings and you know how to express them to the people you care about. Your efforts will surely be appreciated.

Pisces – With too much involvement
Your need for love leads you to get too involved in the story you live to the point that it risks being suffocating. Those around you certainly need to feel loved but also to know that they can get away for a moment without making you feel bad about it. Greater sentimental autonomy is what you need to live a relationship without fear, feeling the thrill of finding yourself after a day of work in which you have not heard or after an evening with friends. Passion after all also needs this to grow and become inflamed and making the relationship too closed, the risk is precisely that of reducing some indispensable aspects. So try to get involved without losing sight of yourself. You will see that this way of loving will make you feel even better and all without detracting from your relationship.

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