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Find out how the various zodiac signs react to unrequited love.

Love is one of the most cherished and sought-after feelings in the world. When you find yourself living it, especially if you are reciprocated, the mood is better, you feel invulnerable and life takes on a completely different aspect. Things that had no importance until recently become special, some values ​​change and you become more sensitive to others. In short, it is undoubtedly a positive feeling that if pursued and lived to the full can be good not only for those who live it but also for those who revolve around it. Unfortunately, however, there is an aspect of love that many tend to underestimate and it is unrequited love. When you experience an unrequited feeling people’s reactions can be extremely different. If on the one hand, some manage to grasp the positive emotions of the feeling they experience, on the other hand, others end up getting depressed, needing more than ever to feel reciprocated. The difference in the way of experiencing emotions often depends on the influence of the stars. Today, therefore, after having seen how the various signs react to jealousy and which are the most faithful zodiac signs, we will discover how each sign reacts to unrequited love. As regards feelings and emotions, the advice is to check the profile of the ascendant to have a more realistic answer for each zodiac sign.

Horoscope: how the signs of the zodiac react to unrequited love

Aries – Distracting
People born under the sign of Aries are passionate people and able to experience love in a lively and heated way. When they find that what they are feeling is not reciprocated, their attitude becomes almost aggressive. While on the one hand, they continue to send signals to the person they are interested in, on the other they tend to look around, and if they have the opportunity they even let themselves go to some flirtation to distract themselves from the bad time they are experiencing, all with hope. to be able to find someone who can appreciate them.

Taurus – Leaving the door open
The natives of Taurus when they fall in love can remain anchored to the image of the person they love even for some time. For this reason, they can be excellent suitors and appear so caught up as to make those who are interested in them capitulate. When this does not happen, while continuing to pursue their dream, they tend not to close the door completely and continue to look around. So, sometimes, it can happen that on their path they meet someone who can distract them and who may be over time can become a new love. In short, in love with love itself, they tend to never close completely at least until they are involved in a relationship that they consider 100% safe.

Gemini – fidgeting
Those born under the sign of Gemini do not like things that go wrong and if they fall in love while welcoming the new emotion with joy, they try to be able to take steps forward as soon as possible. When on the other side they don’t feel the same energy, they begin to break down, fidget and thus risk making rash choices. Living things calmly, after all, is not like them and for this reason, they very often try to push. In love, however, all this can also be counterproductive and when it happens the risk is to ruin something that could even blossom over time. For them, however, all this does not count much because if things do not change quickly they end up taking it personally, so much so that they decide to leave. And if anything on the other side ever changes,

Cancer – Living to the fullest what they feel
Cancer natives love and when they feel it they are already so happy that they feel almost satisfied. Their desire is like everyone else’s desire to be reciprocated. Unlike the others, however, they do not insist on this goal, savoring the beauty of the feeling and living it as it comes, without setting stakes or pretensions. Of course, they too have a time within which if nothing changes, feelings can start to subside but in this very way, they would be able to not reveal what they are feeling if they realize that doing so could break the magic. In short, from this point of view, they are unpredictable and always ready to surprise.

Leo – With annoyance
Those born under the sign of Leo do not easily accept unrequited love. For them, it is a lack of respect that is impossible to accept. Accustomed as they are to always be the center of attention, they expect that when they set their eyes on someone they feel gratified and that a form of interest is added to this. If not reciprocated, then, they end up taking it out, starting to review their feelings until they fall out of love. It should not be forgotten that their greatest love is the one they have for themselves and therefore should never be overshadowed by anyone.

Virgo – With despair
The natives of Virgo when they discover they are not reciprocated become very dark, even going so far as to despair. With their way of seeing things always in a negative way, knowing that they cannot crown a dream of love is a setback that they cannot bear. Depending on the degree of involvement they feel, they can develop a form of obsession, coming to feel resentment if things do not change over time. Theirs is probably one of the most drastic ways of experiencing this type of emotion which completely excludes the possibility of enjoying the feeling and all to give way to unpleasant thoughts.

Libra – With the resignation
Those born under the sign of Libra do not like to fall prey to emotions that are difficult to control. When this happens, they try in every way to contain them, rationalizing them as much as possible. One thing that, of course, in love is difficult to do and that often leads them to close in on themselves, even avoiding revealing what they feel. It follows that the risk of experiencing an unpleasant situation such as not being reciprocated is always on the agenda. Nonetheless, they know how to get over it, resigning themselves to the evidence and avoiding going into a rage. Although sad, it is much easier for them to simply wait for everything to pass, in the hope that the next love is the right one.

Scorpio – With an obsession
When they love, Scorpio natives tend to give their all. This also happens for any unrequited loves for which they will torment themselves even for some time. Fortunately, when they fall in love they know how to grasp both the positive and negative sides of what they are feeling, avoiding fossilizing only on what is wrong. It must be said that, on the other hand, sometimes they come to experience the feeling of unrequited love with a certain obsession that can lead them to go further, to the point of maturing a certain discontent if the situation continues for too long. Fortunately, as they are intense in suffering, they always have an edge when it comes to recovering and after hitting the bottom they always know how to re-emerge to get back in better shape than ever and ready for a new love to be discovered.

Sagittarius – Very bad
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius do not like projects that do not go through and have a certain difficulty in accepting waste, especially if it comes from people in whom they had placed their hopes. When they feel rejected they can get depressed or angry and this depends on the type of relationship they have with the person involved. In any case, they do not usually take it well and this is more than evident, not only to those close to them but to practically everyone. Their mood will tend to get darker and darker until time has helped them to overcome it.

Capricorn – With swinging
Capricorn natives have a certain difficulty in relating to feelings and when their love is not reciprocated they find themselves experiencing fluctuating moments. Sometimes they immerse themselves in what they are feeling, experiencing the positive side of it, others end up feeling out of place, darkening and puzzling about how to go about changing things. When they realize there is no way, they strive to take heart for themselves and to accept things as they come, avoiding feeling bad and looking to the future. Luckily for them, committing time is one of the things that he does best, and in this way, they can overcome even the darkest moments, simply by living.

Aquarius – With a philosophy
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are not used to letting go of feelings and when this happens for them it is pure magic. The hope is always that of being reciprocated but if this does not happen they know how to cope with it, enjoying the thrill of what they feel and storing the negative aspects as pure experience. Basking in the feeling they feel is something that alone is already able to make them feel satisfied, especially because they are more than aware of the fact that at any moment a more just person could come, the one able to accept and reciprocate their feeling, repaying them. dark moments spent thinking about someone else.

Pisces – With melancholy
The natives of Pisces experience love as the most important feeling of all. When they love someone they do it in a pure and unconditional way but, of course, knowing they are not reciprocated is a source of pain for them. This leads them both to bask in sadness and to experience the melancholy of the moment. A mix of emotions that often flows into something more, expanding their artistic side that often feeds on this kind of feeling. It can be said, therefore, that unrequited love is something that never comes in a completely negative way. And this even though they can sometimes take some time to recover. Time that they will be able to recover when they feel their heart beating at a different pace, perhaps for someone who can see and love them.

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