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This Is How He’ll Lose Interest, Based On His Zodiac 2022

All of us have some deal-breakers——some things that make us lose interest in another another person, no matter how much we liked them up up to that point.

Things we can’t and don’t want to tolerate in romantic relationships.

So, what exactly is is the one thing that might chase your boyfriend or crush away? The thing you should avoid doing at all costs, if you want to keep him around?

Well, it all depends on the zodiac sign he belongs to.


Agreeing with everything he says

If your boyfriend is an Aries, one thing is for sure—he wants you to challenge him and he enjoys having someone who contradicts him.

This doesn’t mean that you should argue with this guy all the time—just make sure to have an opinion of your own instead of blindly following his lead, no matter how crazy you are about him.

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Playing mind games

Contrary to Aries, Taurus men don’t enjoy the chase.

They know exactly who and what they want and they don’t have the time or the energy for playing any games.

So, if you plan on stringing a Taurus along, think again because that is exactly what will chase him away from you.

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Being too boring

For Geminis, life is a playground and relationships are supposed to be fun.

The last thing a Gemini will put up with is being in a relationship which has gotten into a rut.

They lose interest as soon as their partner starts to bore them and they then move on to to their next prey.

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Emotionally neglecting him

Cancer is known to be one of the most sensitive and loving signs of all zodiacs.

Even though a Cancer’s love is usually unconditional, he will certainly not stand to be with a woman who makes him feel unloved, unwanted or emotionally neglected.

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Destroying his ego

Every Leo is secretly in love with himself and he can’t be with a woman who tries to crush his huge ego.

This doesn’t mean that you have to admire a Leo if you want to keep him around but you certainly can’t disrespect him and especially not in front of others.

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Not knowing what you want

One of the qualities all Virgo men share is their amazing organizational skills.

Virgos have an exact plan regarding all life aspects and even though a girl who goes with the flow may attract them in the beginning, they will quickly lose interest once they start thinking that you don’t know what you want from life.

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Ignoring him

If you want to make a Libran man lose interest in you, just give him the silent treatment and ignore him whenever you are angry.

As soon as he feels like you are not paying enough attention to him, he is out of your life, never to be returned.

Librans simply can’t stand to be in a relationship in which the other person acts like they don’t give a damn about them.

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Lousy bedroom skills

Yes, all the things you’ve read about Scorpios are true.

No matter how hooked he is on you, a Scorpio man won’t stay by your side for long if there is no physical chemistry between the two of you.

I am not saying you should cross your boundaries just for the sake of pleasing this guy but as soon as he sees that you are not up for trying new things and experimenting in the bedroom, he will lose interest in you.

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Moving things too fast

If you want to chase a Sagittarian away, one way to do so is to push him too hard to move your relationship in the direction you want it to be.

This doesn’t mean that you are wrong for wanting to label things, just make sure you don’t rush him into taking everything to the next level until he is ready to do so himself.

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Making him jealous

Being one of the most loyal signs of the entire zodiac, one thing that a Capricorn will never forgive you for is infidelity.

For them, commitment and loyalty are crucial and they can’t imagine themselves living with someone they doubt.

Knowing all of this, it is clear that a Capricorn man won’t fall for you even more out of fear of losing you.

On the contrary, the moment he sees right through your intentions and the moment he realizes that you are trying to make him jealous on purpose is the moment a Capricorn will lose all of his interest in you.

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Lying to him

For an Aquarian, honesty and healthy communication are two of the foundations of every successful relationship.

So, if you plan on hiding the truth or lying to your Aquarian boyfriend, think again because that will only help you chase him away.

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Negative energy

Pisces men simply can’t stand pessimism.

They see their relationship as a stress-free zone and their partner should be someone who will help them take their mind off the harsh realities.

Consequently, they lose interest the moment they start seeing their girlfriend as a primary source of negative energy in their life.

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