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Aries: They will be your loudest and most enthusiastic supporter

An Aries is as dedicated as they come when they’re loved ones are involved. They aren’t afraid to get excited about your accomplishments and the person you are. They bring out the best in you because they aren’t hesitant to support you loudly and boldly- a trait that can be overlooked often. When you have someone who isn’t afraid to shout to the heavens how proud they are of you, it’s a little less difficult to be proud of yourself.

Taurus: They will stubbornly refuses to let you settle

A Taurus picks people to be in their life for a reason- they try to surround themselves with people who they deem valuable and the things that matter to them. When it comes to those they care about, a Taurus won’t let you settle for less than you deserve. They strive for the best, and they want to see you do the same. They want you to have everything good in life, because they believe in you and that you deserve every bit of it. They won’t let you settle or lazily give up.

Gemini: They will take an interest in the things you love, and push you to experience the world in a more significant way

A Gemini knows that the world is full of possibilities, and they will ensure that you do too. It can be easy to get caught up in life when things and plans don’t go our way, but a Gemini will push you to see past your own perception and see what the world has to offer. They won’t make you feel small or insignificant for the things you care about- they will take a genuine interest in them and encourage you to chase them full force.

Cancer: They will love you unconditionally and see the best in you even when you don’t

A Cancer won’t hesitate to tell you how much they care about you. Even if you don’t think highly of yourself, a Cancer will point out all the beautiful things about you that you don’t see. They’ll remind you of how loved you are and will continue to do so even when things get rough. Having someone you know will always love you no matter what tends to bring out the best in you- because you don’t want to let them down.

Leo: They will refuse let you bad mouth yourself

A Leo knows great things when they see it. While everyone has insecurities, Leos aren’t ones to really let theirs show. Whenever you are too hard on yourself, a Leo will call you out on it- they’ll encourage you to keep your head held high and focus on the great things about you. When you have someone in your life who won’t let you throw a pity party for yourself, it may feel like tough love, but it also reminds you that you can get through anything.

Virgo: They will push you to work harder and keep trying

A Virgo won’t hesitate to call you out when you aren’t being your best. Not to be condescending, but because they know what you’re capable of. They won’t just rag on you, though- they’ll encourage you to keep trying and work harder to work on those good qualities they know you possess. They know that occasionally we all need a little kick in the pants to be reminded of who we are and who we can be- and it’s effective when it’s coming from someone who cares about you.

Libra: They will help you find your balance

It’s a big cliche that Libras thrive on harmony, but their expertise in bringing peace and resolution to other’s lives can’t be overlooked. A Libra will be concerned with your struggles and your hardships, but they won’t judge you for your weak moments. They will, however, offer suggestions that will help balance you out. They pay attention to details and know the things that can help lift you up or bring you back down- and while we often overlook the importance of balance, having it gives us a strong foundation to become better in all aspects of our lives.

Scorpio: They will encourage you to embrace your intense side

A Scorpio understands that while life can sometimes be mundane, living it with passion is still essential. They’ll push your buttons a bit and challenge you to embrace the intense feelings you may suppress in your day-to-day. They’ll encourage you to use the intensity that exists inside you to channel something bigger- whether it means taking on something you’ve been afraid of or speaking your mind on how you feel, you’ll find yourself becoming a bit bolder when you have a Scorpio in your life.

Sagittarius: They will help you not take yourself too seriously

They aren’t afraid to laugh whenever life feels heavy. Sometimes Sags appear “insensitive” to others because they don’t seem to take things seriously. They understand that there are a time and place for everything, but that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves or beat ourselves up over things we don’t have control of. A Sagittarius will inspire you to see the more positive aspects of life, and that sometimes it’s okay to smile even when everything seems to be too much.

Capricorn: They will stand by you no matter what

Capricorns know the value of loyalty, and they honor it extensively. They will stand by you and support you when you’re taking on anything in life because if they’re in your life, it’s because they believe in you. A Capricorn will stand by your side and be your rock whenever you need one, and having that kind of reassuring strength by your side opens up a chance to take risks and be the person you want to be- because you know you’re not alone.

Aquarius: They will show you that nothing is what it seems, that there is more to life

An Aquarius isn’t afraid to try something out of the ordinary, and they encourage others to do the same. When you feel as though you’ve tried everything or have exhausted all your solutions, an Aquarius will challenge you to look at things from a brand new perspective you hadn’t thought of. They won’t allow you to remain in your own comfortable bubble, but will make sure you’re aware of all the perspectives of the world around you- and you’ll be better for it.

Pisces: They will show you just how much they appreciate the person you are

Pisces are known to care a great deal for their loved ones and express it often. When you feel like your worries are too small, your life isn’t great, or you have a hard time liking the person you are, you can depend on a Pisces to express how much they cherish you. They will be there with an ear to listen, but they won’t allow you to walk away feeling down on yourself. They will remind you over and over how wonderful you are, and to know someone believes in you that much? It makes you want to be the best person you can be.

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