Find out how you fight anxiety based on your zodiac sign and what you should change to feel better.

Anxiety is an unpleasant condition that can be occasional or occur several times a day. You feel anxious when you are expecting something important when you are close to an exam or have an appointment. Those who are anxious, in general, tend to experience both the positive and negative aspects of anxiety and all with the result of risking living badly and more focused on how they feel than on the life that passes around them. There are anxieties and anxieties and while an estimated light one can be controlled or fought, when the problem becomes heavy it is good to contact a therapist to understand its exact origins and prepare yourself with the right tools to combat it definitively. That said, if the anxiety is only occasional or bearable, the characteristics of those born under the sign of Libra and which are the signs of the zodiac that will soon feel more charged, we will find out how each sign fights anxiety and how it should do to deal with it in a better way. Since we are dealing with emotions, the advice is to also read the profile of your ascendant, to have a more precise idea of ​​the dynamics that are involved when anxiety is felt.

Anxiety: how the various signs of the zodiac live it and what they can do to relieve it

Aries – Becoming Extremely Nervous
Those born under the sign of Aries have a colorful way of experiencing their anxiety states. When they feel that it is growing they become particularly nervous and this leads them to attack anyone who comes under fire, without understanding that the only thing they should do is try to understand the origin of what they feel to face it with the determination that distinguishes them. As a dynamic person, a good way to get rid of anxiety, no matter what the reason, is to go for a run or dance with friends. In this way, together with the energies, at least part of the anxiety will be sent away and serenity will return to take over, leading them to milder advice and kinder reactions to those around them.

Taurus – Aiming for perfection
Most of the anxiety states of the natives of Taurus are due to the way they perceive themselves. This leads them to try to compensate, in any way possible. When anxiety arrives, it is therefore easy to see them intent on cleaning the house, washing the car, or making the change of seasons even if there is still a little time left. Making the place where they live or the things around them more beautiful gives them the feeling that they are not immobile and that they are doing something concrete to change their situation. This translates into a mania for perfectionism that is difficult to equal and even to understand but that they live so naturally that looking at them from the outside one hardly realizes what they are experiencing. A gym where you can relieve stress and related anxiety could be an alternative solution.

Gemini – Flaunting happiness
Those born under the sign of Gemini detest negative emotions and consequently literally hate anxiety. When they find themselves living it, therefore, they cannot help but act to counter it and their way of doing is to pretend to be more cheerful than usual, as if it were a way to overwhelm and scare the feeling that they live inside. If they could, they would spend the time they spend anxiously dancing at the club, thus obscuring any anxious thoughts. Ironically, however, they would feel much better if they talked to someone who understands them and who they trust enough to accept their advice, including that of reassuring themselves because many times, the anxiety they experience depends only on the many things they have to do. to do and that all together in their mind, they end up generating chaos.

Cancer – Pretending
Much of the anxiety states of the natives of Cancer are related to their relationship with people and the constant fear of losing them or not being liked. When they feel anxious, therefore, their first reaction is to change their attitude, trying to be as kind as they can and even going so far as to lie to accommodate those around them. By dint of pretending, however, they risk distorting and contradicting themselves when they feel more relaxed. A different way of dealing with it would be to seek the closeness of someone you care about and trust, perhaps looking for those confirmations of those who are in great need and who once you arrive will surely calm any form of anxiety.

Leo – Becoming unstable
Although those born under the sign of Leo show themselves as people who are constantly self-confident and eager to be the center of attention and to shine with their light, sometimes the stress they undergo is such that they feel strong anxiety, difficulty. to check. When this happens, their way of being changes, they become unstable, smile fewer than usual, and may even appear unpleasant because they are less focused on how they look and more inclined to speak and act without filters. This obviously can compromise some interpersonal relationships, which is why the wisest solution would be to immediately seek the source of the stress that leads to anxiety and face it head-on. In this way, you will feel better immediately and relationships with others will be safe.

Virgo – Increasing Their Need for Control
Virgo natives are born perfectionists and this leads them to be precise and always want to have things under control. They are generally not anxious people but this state can arise when the world around them changes more than they can handle. If they lose the balance necessary to make them feel good, then they suddenly find themselves prey to anxiety, and the only way they have to defeat it is to start controlling everything around them. An exhausting modus operandi and which, needless to say, often generates more stress. In reality, it would be enough for them not to get distracted and resolve what generates their anxiety to resolve the issue upstream, feeling immediately better as a result.

Libra – Isolating themselves
Those born under the sign of Libra are extremely balanced people and able to always have the answer to any type of problem. This does not happen with the anxiety they struggle to relate to. The reason why their reaction is to isolate themselves, close in on themselves, and experience the anxious state at the center percent. A modality that only increases their anxiety, making them more vulnerable and nervous. In truth, even if they don’t always realize it, it would be enough to change their attitude to improve things. Choosing a couple of trustworthy people with whom to open up when they feel anxious would help them to voice their feelings, come to the solution more easily, and lead them to live with more serenity whatever type of problem is at the base.

Scorpio – Shifting their fears to others
The natives of Scorpio do not like to feel invulnerable and when they find themselves feeling anxious about something they almost always end up moving the problem to things that are often futile but which allow them to concentrate more easily to find a solution. If they’re afraid of an exam, they’ll start focusing on what to wear that day, what they look like, and the gym sessions they’re skipping. Likewise, if they are anxious about a date with the person they love, they will start to worry about weight, hair, and everything related to physical appearance. Having the feeling of being able to control their anxiety initially helps them feel better but it is a condition that does not last long and quickly leads them to feel bad again. The only solution would be to gain strength and accept what generates in their anxiety, facing it and fighting it. That way they will feel lighter.

Sagittarius – Becoming indolent
Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a really strange way of experiencing anxiety as seen from the outside they can seem too relaxed. When they find themselves fighting against an anxious state, they end up losing interest in everything, managing to find a sort of inner calm just by putting aside their usual vitality. A somewhat wrong way to act because the risk is to meet the opposite state of mind or depression. Much better if given the energies inherent in the natives of the sign, they choose to commit themselves to fight against their anxiety. Only in this way will they be able to get the better of it and finally feel energetic and eager to live as usual.

Capricorn – Trying to Fix Others’ Problems
Those born under the sign of Capricorn like to think that they always have everything under control. When they feel anxiety coming, then, they experience it as a sort of defeat that leads them to flee with their minds to concentrate elsewhere. Thus, it easily happens that if in the grip of anxiety, they begin to observe others, giving them advice and even offering to help them manage their problems, thus convincing themselves that they can forget their own. The truth, however, is that their problems remain while their energies will be so low that they are unable to deal with them. Much better to observe them closely and deal with them to get rid of unnecessary burdens. In this way, helping others will certainly also be more enjoyable.

Aquarius – Going out of your head
Aquarius natives, usually calm and staid, have a very extreme way of reacting to anxiety. When they try it they seem to lose the clarity that usually distinguishes them and this leads them to have exaggerated reactions to every little thing. They may find themselves raising their voices for no real reason, arguing with others, freaking out for no real reason, or crying for nothing. A situation that is bigger than them and which they can only put an end to by committing to understanding what causes them anxiety. In this way, working on it with the right calm and perhaps asking for help, they will certainly be able to find a solution that can bring them back to their usual calm.

Pisces – Reacting big
The natives of Pisces, when it comes to anxiety, are undoubtedly the most extravagant signs of the zodiac and at the same time those who react best, at least as long as they moderate their field of action. Since they tend to work better under stress, even when they are anxious about something, their reaction is to take action to fix it. One thing they do even when the only option is to wait. For them, action is the only way to fool anxiety, and more often than not this is the best way to act. The only aspect they need to pay attention to is the energy that they sometimes use in abundance, literally coming to exhaustion. Learning to manage anxiety by including a few moments of pause in their constant action will undoubtedly make them more productive.

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