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Today the stars reveal to us what are the signs with which there is little to laugh with, unfortunately they have very little sense of humor.

Often when we want to get to know someone and know more about them we refer to astrology. Our zodiac sign actually draws a profile of our character and our personality , complete with strengths and weaknesses sanctioned by the sign of belonging. Our personality also reveals to us how ironic we are.

How much do you love to laugh and how much sense of humor do you have? It could all depend on your zodiac sign. Find out who the signs of today’s ranking are, they have the great flaw of not being very ironic.

The least ironic sign of all is Taurus

While everyone is letting go of laughter, the face of the Bull remains impassive. He is not very inclined to understand the lines. In general, the least humorous signs of the whole zodiac are the earth signs, so Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn do not have a strong sense of humor, too cerebral and with their feet firmly planted on the ground, it is difficult for them to understand surreal situations. .

Humor is known to be a concept linked to fantasy. Among the earth signs, the least humorous of all is Taurus, he can’t understand the sarcasm.

Taurus may not be the kind of person who manages to make the atmosphere of a dinner interesting by playing the jester, but he is a very private, placid and also very affable sign and everyone loves him for that.

Following Taurus among the less ironic signs is Virgo . This sign is a very analytical and calculating sign. Virgo ‘s sarcasm is evil, Virgo has a heavy humor without elegance that embarrasses those around them, she’s the classic guy who can only make bad jokes. He just can’t go down hard.

Capricorn is also part of this ranking

Capricorn is a hardworking sign, it gets very busy in the professional field. At work he is unbeatable, super organized and does not tolerate slackers. He is sometimes quite grumpy and his humor is of the same type as Virgo, Capricorn uses sarcasm to ridicule or not to feel uncomfortable rather than to laugh heartily. Capricorn like Virgo is sometimes painful to make jokes so it would be better not to tease him and not to give him the opportunity to respond in kind on the silver platter.

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