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The zodiac signs with the easy tear may seem like very sensitive people … but perhaps it is better to analyze them first together with this ranking!

There are people who never cry, people who only cry sometimes and people who… well, they always cry!
Today we decided to analyze the ranking of the zodiac signs that just can not help but explode in a desperate cry … er … almost always.
Do you think you are in the top five?

The zodiac signs with the easy tear: are you in today’s horoscope ranking?

Let’s face it: when you see a small child on the street you always feel a little bit crying, don’t you?

Let’s not talk about when you see a newborn kitten or when someone hugs you or when you see someone hug someone else and…
Ok, wait, let’s stop for a moment. Isn’t it by chance that you are also in the ranking of the zodiac signs with the easy tear ?

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No, come on, don’t start crying : we’re just asking you a question!
There are people who just can’t stop crying, no matter what the situation and the reason.
They cry with happiness , cry with sadness , cry with anger and cry even without a reason . In short, there is really no way to understand why they cry but you can be sure they will cry!
How about: would you like to find out what the horoscope says about it ?

Gemini: fifth place

Dear Gemini , yes, it is useless for you to make that face. You are also in the ranking of the zodiac signs with the easy tear !
Even if you are only in fifth position, you born under the sign of Gemini are particularly sensitive people: and you know it!

Gemini will do anything not to be seen crying or to avoid letting you know that they are moved. In reality, those born under this sign tend to cry often and willingly, without being able to control themselves. They are too full of emotions to be able to stop crying!

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Pisces: fourth place

Well yes, dear Pisces , you are not the detached and devoid of feelings people that others would like you to believe! Pisces
, in fact, are almost always considered people with their heads in the air, who do not realize what is happening around them.

Although this is true (considering and also considering that Pisces particularly insist on this trait to avoid the consequences of their actions), it must be said that Pisces are also particularly sensitive people, who cry for nothing. They may not show up but we can assure you they will cry a lot!

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Taurus: third place

Those born under the sign of Taurus are people who really can’t hold back tears.
We could say that for most Taurus the reason is simple: they struggle to express themselves and somewhere all those feelings have to come out!

Taurus are people who cry mainly in anger precisely because they get angry often! Since Taurus are also in the ranking of the zodiac signs who always have an opinion (and who, just as always, will tell you) there is little to do: a tear will always run down their face!

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Cancer: second place

Dear Cancerian friends , you knew very well that you were in this horoscope ranking. Don’t cry right now!
Cancers are generally very emotional people who can’t really avoid crying all the time.

Cancer can really cry for any reason: because they are tired, because they are sleepy, because they are happy, because they are in love, or simply because something moved them. Maybe they are two old men walking hand in hand on the street or maybe it’s just a feeling in the air that there is something that is moving him.
Impossible to know the truth with a Cancer : he will not be able to tell you between sobs and in an hour or two he will already be crying for something else.
Try spending a day with them to believe it!

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Scorpio: first place in the ranking of the zodiac signs with the easy tear

Dear friends of Scorpio , we know that the first reaction to seeing you at the top of the zodiac signs with the easy tear will be anger.
We are sorry to have to unmask you in front of all the other zodiac signs but the truth is that you are truly people with an easy tear: do not blame us!

Scorpios are people who tend to avoid facing their feelings, sometimes dragging situations to particularly frightening extremes.
The reason is that, often, Scorpios are people who find themselves in difficult positions, where they have to make decisions and show self-confidence. For this reason, even in everyday life, Scorpios tend to maintain the same attitude, never showing how fragile they are inside.
Here, then, that Scorpios tend to suffer a lot, without ever being able to show it to anyone. Tears are an outlet for any small problem or great suffering: maybe they will never show them to you but know that Scorpio in your life cry and a lot too!

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