The most confusing zodiac signs in the whole horoscope are people who really don’t have the slightest idea of ​​what to do in life. Aren’t you among them too?

Hey, let’s understand: nobody (good or bad) knows what they want from life!
We do not mean that the signs of this ranking are the only ones in the world who do not have clear ideas or find themselves having moments of doubt or worries, this is not the case.
There is, however, being in a particular moment of life and there is being a person who has no idea why he does what he actually does.
Aren’t you curious to find out today’s horoscope ranking?

The most confusing zodiac signs: let’s discover the top five positions in the ranking

How many times have you happened to have to deal with a person who absolutely did not know what he was doing in life?

We obviously wish a few times for you.
Dealing with one of the most confusing zodiac signs in the whole horoscope , in fact, is not at all simple.
They don’t know what they want or why they want it, they make abstract and abstruse decisions and create problems for everyone.
We hope, then, that you are not in love with one of the five most confused zodiac signs: some good ones are waiting for you if not!

Let’s find out the ranking together immediately : there is really no time to waste!

Sagittarius: fifth place

We wish you never to have to complete any task in the company of Sagittarius .

Those born under this sign, in fact, are  particularly confused people: they can’t really have their say on anything! Sagittarians
are kind, nice and nice people (even if independent and inclined to think only of themselves). Nothing wrong with that, were it not that their confusion is certainly also a bit the result of a desire to think only of their own interests … better to keep your eyes open with Sagittarius !

Cancer: fourth place

Yes, dear Cancers , it is useless for you to sulk and stamp your feet on the ground.
You are also in the ranking of the most confusing zodiac signs of the horoscope !

You are there because you Cancers are generally sweet and sensitive people but… so, so confused!
You don’t know what you want and when you want it, you have only one goal: to relax under the shade of a palm tree by the sea and not think about anything. This isn’t bad, of course, but if that’s your only goal then we believe you’re confused about everything else – it always seems like you don’t know where to go!

Aries: third place

Those born under the sign of Aries are truly confusing people. That’s why they are in  third place in the ranking of the most confused zodiac signs of the whole horoscope !

The reason why we say that Aries are confused lies, above all, in the fact that Aries are particularly intriguing people, who always want to create drama or to find themselves in the center of attention. The confusion that reigns around them is because Aries create impossible and confusing situations for everyone, going first one way and then another, finding someone nice first and then another, gossiping about everyone and no one. In short, better keep away from Aries and their confusion: when it sucks you in, you can’t go back !

Gemini: second place

Dear Gemini , you knew that you would find yourself in the ranking of the most confusing zodiac signs of the horoscope but at least you are not in the first place.
A nice surprise, don’t you think?

Those born under the sign of Gemini are people who are accused of being confusing because they simply always follow their instincts.
Too bad that their instincts are “split” in half and that the Gemini follows everything that goes through their minds: they never really stop! Gemini
is always confused also because, often and willingly, they are never honest with themselves. Dear Gemini : Don’t you realize that other people in your life struggle to keep up with your pace?

Pisces: first place in the ranking of the most confusing zodiac signs of the horoscope

We arrive at the top of today’s ranking, where a surprise awaits us.
There are Pisces to “reign” over confusion: how strange!

Pisces , in reality, are people who always manage to get away with not  looking so  confused.
Too bad that, in reality, this is a sign that events really get tossed around, first in one direction and then in the other.
Pisces , in fact, follow love (truly ephemeral and which, with them, always changes) as well as the first idea or passion that lights up their mind. Too bad that they are not concrete in almost anything and that they always find themselves making decisions that, then, leave them really confused. But why had they started going in that direction? Let’s just say that dealing with Pisces is not that simple: you have all been warned!


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