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They Can’t Be Trusted: The Most ‘dishonest’ Zodiac Women

Some signs tend to have very strange behavior, and it would be better not to trust, since they tend to lie, even if only for the sake of it.

Here, we have decided to deepen the female signs from this point of view. If you are curious to know better who we are talking about, then, all you have to do is read this interesting article to the end. We are more than ready to clarify all your doubts about it.


It is a sign with a very strong character and for this reason, it tends to defend its position even in moments when it is indefensible. This is a woman who isn’t easy to manage, as we know Leo is a natural leader, however, she should learn that there are a few things she shouldn’t do, like kicking things up with friends when she’s not okay, or blatantly lying about things that aren’t worth it. But the Leo woman is basically like that, and she won’t change her character easily.


It is a sign that is well known for its double face, for its double identity which becomes unmanageable in the long run. This woman is truly unreliable, especially in situations in which she, on the other hand, should give her utmost effort: it is no coincidence that in love the partner tends to rarely completely believe her behavior. It’s also true that she often has a very sweet heart that she can’t bring to the fore because of her obvious falsehood.


And we close with the Pisces woman who lies instead, but only for a good purpose. You can’t blindly trust her but that doesn’t matter. We’re talking about someone with a heart of gold.

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