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The stars reveal to us who the shyest and reserved zodiac signs are and that despite their appearance they have a lot to teach us.

“The dress does not make the monk” says a well-known proverb and in fact it is often just like that. Some people are so shy and reserved that they appear haughty. When you don’t stop at the appearance of them, you immediately understand that they have a lot to teach us.

Belonging to a zodiac sign gives us an innate personality that is shaped with life experiences and determines who we are. The stars reveal to us what are the signs that have the most difficulty in relating and opening up to others but that behind that hard shell hide great surprises that only belong to those who manage to find the key to bring out their true personality.

They are the most reserved signs of the zodiac

Today’s ranking reveals who are the most timid and introverted signs of the zodiac.┬áIt is difficult to establish a relationship with them, they are suspicious and cold but if you have patience and show them that they can trust you they will amaze you by showing you their great heart and enthusiasm.

Here are the more introverted signs:


Cancer is among the most empathic and sensitive signs of the zodiac. This sign is represented by a crab not by chance. Just like this animal it has an armor, a shell that protects it. If you try to approach him, his first instinct is to back away. Only if Cancer sees you as a harmless and kind being will Cancer slowly open up to you. Behind that shyness you will find that hides a very multifaceted personality, a faithful partner and a person devoted to family.


Is Virgo introverted as they say? Many astrologers argue that this sign seems distant or detached but in reality it is simply reflective and before acting or speaking it simply thinks, reflects, but when it opens its mouth, it does not do it to give it air, but to dispense pearls of wisdom. She will say something relevant and make herself appreciated as a person.


Hardworking and always busy, Capricorn does not show his vulnerability, not even to the people closest to him. They are open only to people who will be able to dedicate the right space and time to them and who will be able to win their trust. In return this sign will show you that they are sincere and trusted friends and devoted lovers who put their partner’s happiness first.

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