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Today the stars reveal who are the most distracted zodiac signs in the entire zodiac. These signs are great forgetful people.

Memory is probably not a trait that is acquired at birth, even the most forgetful people by constantly practicing concentration techniques could greatly improve this state. The signs we are about to talk to you about live a bit in another dimension and have their heads in the clouds a bit, so they always end up forgetting everything.

The people who are part of the ranking today are a bit clumsy and perpetually distracted, you will see them stumble very often and forget almost everything. It is also partly the fault of their astrological belonging which gives them the gift of the abstract.

Here are the most forgetful signs of the Zodiac

Membership in a zodiac sign confers unique characteristics with distinct qualities and even distinct flaws. Some signs are actually more malleable and caring, others are harder and tend to overwhelm others, then there are the creatives, the dreamers .. in short, there is something for everyone. Today we tell you who, according to astrologers, are the most distracting signs.

Disoriented, sometimes they do not even realize what is happening around them, they continually overturn the glass full of water on the table while they eat and put their hand on their foreheads saying “Oh my God I forgot …”. Maybe an acquaintance of yours has occurred to you who could be part of this ranking!

Here is who these incurable forgetful signs are:


The first sign of the ranking of signs with less memory is Pisces. This sign is a fantasist who loves to escape reality and stay in his dream zone. They are not lazy people, on the contrary, they have many interests and their days are full of commitments, this is the reason why they cannot keep their feet on the ground. Their days are quite confusing, they lose attention very easily and they never look where they put their feet, luckily they have many friends and someone who always helps them to get up next to them.


The Gemini native is constantly lost in the chatter. This sign forgets everything because he talks too much, it is always because of the chatter he ends up losing the light of time and forgetting the things he had to do. For them, the important thing is to be the center of attention in the conversations he has and if he collects accidents it is only because he does not see the obstacles. The stars advise the Gemini not to forget to always carry the patches with them.


Aquarius also wins a place in this ranking and it is a sign that it forgets even the most important things with great ease. Like Pisces, the aquarium is also a bit of a fantasist and lives in the clouds, daydreams too much, and thinks too much about the things it has to do rather than do them. They are signs that they are always taken by something to the point of not even seeing the obvious but if you manage to steal their attention and use it to confide your secret to them, you can be sure that they will take it to the grave.

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