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These Zodiac Signs Will Remain Single Until The End Of 2023

Great love didn’t work out for some zodiac signs in 2023 – and unfortunately, nothing will change at the end of the year. But of course, that’s no reason to worry, after all, Mr. or Mrs. Right will be found at some point – it’s just a matter of not giving up hope. Read here which zodiac signs will stay alone in December 2023 and end the year as (happy) singles according to the horoscope. By the way: These zodiac signs will fall head over heels in love until the end of the year



It’s not as if the twins have a shortage of potential suitors. But none of the candidates are impressed with the air sign at the moment. Gemini has a long list of requirements that their dream partner should fulfill and are currently not prepared to make compromises. And neither should they! After all, the zodiac sign is also very happy as a single and enjoys its independence to the fullest. Before Gemini jumps into a relationship with someone who doesn’t challenge them mentally and enrich their everyday life, they should wait and sit back. The air sign will sooner or later encounter a new love that meets all the criteria. Now all you have to do is stay patient and keep going on dates.


Even with Libra, love doesn’t work out towards the end of the year. Although friends and acquaintances constantly want to pair up the strong-character zodiac sign, the spark just doesn’t fly. Especially since Libras are considered real perfectionists who are only satisfied with the best and do not make compromises. They long for someone who will put the world at their feet. Casual dating and online apps are out of the question for her; Libra only wants to devote her precious time to people who are worth it in her eyes. And that’s perfectly fine. The wait will be rewarded – and if it doesn’t happen in 2023, there can be much better prospects for love in 2024.

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