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These Zodiac Signs Will Be on the Defensive Later This Month

Sometimes being defensive is something that belongs to us in a very particular way. It is something that is part of us and that touches us, not a little. But it must also be said that people who tend to play a lot on the defensive often have a lot to say and tell, but the truth is that they should be understood, as they are, they should be taken as they are. And only when this happens, do we manage to get the best out of them.

But how many of us does this happen to? In this sense, are we able to deeply deepen knowledge? This is exactly what we are going to investigate today. By the end of the month, the people who are on the defensive are the ones we’re going to pitch to you today. Let’s start immediately with the first sign we come across on our list.

The zodiac signs will be on the defensive at the end of the month


It is a sign that usually reveals itself to be very determined in everything it does, but we can safely say that it is also good at being very defensive, in the sense that it never fully expresses its feelings and it is as if it were a bit ‘ on his own, determined to understand everything that goes through his head and what goes through the minds of others. If you know him, you know him very well.


We can’t say anything different about Capricorn, another sign that is always very aggressive, but especially towards the end of November it is as if a strange sense of aversion seized him to the outside world and this will lead him to reflect a lot on what to do. trying to figure out how to manage relationships with others. It’s not always like this, to tell the truth, in the next period, however, we will see him very much on the defensive.


He is always with his head in the clouds, for this reason, being on the defensive is something that belongs to him and that he cannot live without. Can we say that we have before us a guru of defensiveness? Well, let’s not exaggerate. Certainly, he is one of those who always tend to study every move and make it his own before making it explode criminally.


The fish? We are dealing with a sign that always knows what to say and what to do but always leaves the field to others, wants them to express themselves singularly, before the others, to then bring out his uncommon inspiration.

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