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These Zodiac Signs Totally Hate Physical Contact

They don’t like immediate physical contact, they take a while to fuel the relationship and they don’t let go right away. In short, today we will talk about the signs that behave in this way and that we need to approach slowly and rhythmically, without necessarily forcing one’s hand.

If you are curious to know better who we are talking about, then, all you have to do is read our article of the day to the end which will be able to clarify your ideas on one of the most discussed topics ever, which touches, of course, be it, just love and relationships. But let’s go ahead and start with the first one on the list.


This is a sign that one loves long-term relationships and therefore manages everything on its own time, for one reason or another. The bull usually gets to know a person very rhythmically, sometimes two weeks pass before giving the first kiss. But it is also true that, once he has gained the right confidence, he manages to give his partner his best, even physically. If you know him, you know him very well. But let’s go ahead.


Gemini is a sign that very often indulges in fleeting physical contact, but the truth is that it is a sign that likes to have its time and does not want to rush things, for one reason or another. We are talking about a sign that in any case, even if amidst a thousand confusions, we can consider an excellent lover, obviously with his times, as we said before.


And let’s close with a flourish with Aquarius, perhaps the most romantic of all, a sign that always manages to bring out all its beautiful character, even on a sentimental level, but the truth is that it chooses the people with whom to have relationships well in the long term, because it manages to open up, immediately, only with a few.

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