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There are reluctant people under all zodiac signs, as well as those who refuse to marry. Most of the time, however, they change their mind as soon as the right person has entered their life. Then even the greatest opponents of weddings and relationships become family people. The following three zodiac signs, however, remain more critical than everyone else for a lifetime …

Gemini are fundamentally critical of marriage because they expect it to end in divorce anyway. In general, twins are rather critical of eternal love. In a partnership, these zodiac signs need constant change and a lot of variety. They let everyday life and obligations run away. So why tie someone up and commit (financially) when there’s an expiration date for the relationship anyway?

Sagittarius are afraid of losing their freedom to marry. In general, this zodiac sign is very open and sociable. Your partner must have already proven itself and you must be absolutely sure that he will not hold you with the yes word at home. Shooters do not tolerate being restricted because their lives are constantly changing, they are constantly evolving. A partner must be able to keep pace so that he can move this zodiac sign to a marriage.

Aquarius births are independent free spirits. The “bondage” of marriage only seems to limit them and take away their beloved independence. As individualists, watermen also find it difficult to get involved with another person so much that they want to bind themselves to them for the rest of their lives. And marriage means nothing less.

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