Zodiac Signs


Some people love particularly strongly. Their emotional world is completely geared towards their partner and they are simply incomplete when they are not there. That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t survive without him, but it would just be gray and empty. A breakup hits her particularly hard. Often these people are not really aware of the emotional dependence on their partner. They are just made for two and like to spend a lot of time with their partner. You can find them particularly often under these two zodiac signs

Cancer are very possessive and like to have their partner around them. They accept that there is a lot of popping from time to time, even if it is sometimes unsettling. They need a lot of attention and affection, but can sometimes be a bit gruff themselves. They are real sensitive people, for whom it is extremely important to be valued and loved.

Pisces like to live in symbiosis with their partner and do everything together with them. Due to their sensitive nature and depth of soul, they quickly become addicted and feel incomplete when their better half is not with them. Often they also have a spiritual streak and drop completely because they know very well when they have found the right partner. With reservation, they don’t love anyone. If so, they go all out.

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