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The stars reveal who are the zodiac signs who have an innate need to spend time in solitude. They recharge themselves spiritually by isolating themselves.

Some people manifest the need to desire time in solitude while others have a compulsive need to always be in company because they hate feeling alone. The zodiacal affiliation could affect this behavior.

Our zodiac sign could affect the way we are and act. If you have often been reproached for being an antisocial person, you probably belong to one of the 4 zodiac signs who have an innate need to carve out spaces to dedicate exclusively to themselves, in solitude.

What are the loneliest signs of the zodiac?

Each individual also differs from another in the need to manifest their social interactions. Some people are more social than others, social contact is useful for them to carry out projects, to confide in one another, or simply to chat. For these people, knowing that someone is present is very important if not vital.

Some quite different people prefer to talk less and isolate themselves. They call them antisocial but they don’t care, that bliss they get from silence and loneliness recharges them on a spiritual level. We should all learn to respect these special signs.

Here are the most antisocial signs of the zodiac, alone but blissful and happy to be:


Virgo natives have little love for social life, prefer the company of a furry friend and a good read to social gatherings. It is a sign of certain introversion. Autonomous and independent, Virgo never needs anyone, all they need is in themselves. He is self-sufficient and surrounds himself with few but trusted friends, they are very authentic but suspicious people.

They make friends easily but only give their trust over time. He is nice but does not confide his moods or his problems to anyone.


Those who belong to the sign of Scorpio are very mysterious people and speak little about themselves. Astrologers describe them as the sign of the impenetrable. Scorpio does not open the doors of his life to anyone.

At the slightest suspicion of treason or hypocrisy, he closes his doors and leaves permanently and without hesitation. He always trusts mainly in himself and loves being in the company of himself very much.


Capricorn is a very dutiful and very disciplined sign. His sense of duty pushes him to put work ahead of everything else and therefore has little time left to spend in the company of others. He immerses himself in his work commitments to the point of forgetting everything and completely isolating himself from the world. He remains in this condition until he completes his projects.


In reality, this sign is not a typical asocial. This sign is known to be very extravagant and it is also in this case. The Aquarius cannot be said to not like company, rather he loves the company of himself very much. From time to time this sign feels the need to take stock of the situation, recap, question, and arrange his thoughts. It can also take days in which it disappears completely.

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